Jihad – Death to Americans

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets and blocked the main road to Kabul, the capitol of Afghanistan. While burning an effigy of Barack Obama in the streets of Jalalabad , they chanted “Death to Obama. Death to America”

They were protesting the recent killing of 16 civilians by a U.S. soldier, demanding the soldier be tried in Afghanistan. One of the signs read, “Jihad (holy war) is the only way to get the invading Americans out of Afghanistan.”

The protesters also demanded that President Hamid Karzai not sign an agreement with the United States that would allow American troop “advisors” and special forces to remain after the 2014 date for foreign troops to withdraw from Afghanistan.

At the same time, the BBC reported militants were attacking an Afghan government delegation that was investigating the site of the U.S. killings.

“I can confirm that the Taliban have launched an attack from several directions against a government delegation,” a senior official told the BBC. “At this stage, our forces are returning fire.”

The 38-year-old staff sergeant who reportedly murdered 3 women and 9 children and 4 men, “had no history of behavioral problems but had been treated for traumatic brain injury after a previous deployment to Iraq,” U.S. defense officials told NBC News.

The Afghans have grown weary of the Western military presence and are venting their anger. The Taliban vows “revenge” for the 16 civilians killed. “The Islamic Emirate once again warns the American animals that the mujahedeen will avenge them, and with the help of Allah will kill and behead your sadistic murderous soldiers,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in an emailed statement, using the terms with which the Islamist group describes itself.

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  1. I think we need to pull all of our soldiers out of there now that Bin Laden is gone. I know that there are others to take his place ,however, it’s just too risky for our soldiers to be in harms way when those people care nothing about life anyway. Sometimes you just can’t save people from themselves. There is no need for our military men & women to be their sacrifices when they don’t appreciate what we have tried to do for them in the 1st place.

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