Tehran Captures Israeli “Terrorists”

Matt 24:10:  "Then he said to them: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom."

Four days before the critical talks with Iran in Istanbul about their nuclear aspirations, Iran announces to the world that Iranian security forces have arrested a “terrorist team,” they say is Israeli backed.

The Islamic Republic News Agency announced that Iran security forces have uncovered “terrorists, backed by the Zionists.” After months of extensive intelligence work the “Zionist regional headquarters” was discovered in another country in the region. The report did not specify when or where the arrests were made. Nor did it say how many alleged terrorists were rounded up or release any names of those involved.

Iran finds it distasteful to even use the name, “Israel,” so they use the word “Zionist.” This report also seems to prefer the phrase, “country in the region.” However, several officials have commented that neighboring Azerbaijan (a country on Iran’s northern border) has sheltered operatives plotting attacks in Iran.

This report could not be independently verified, but the Islamic Republic News Agency did describe the firefights during some of the arrests, quoting an unidentified Intelligence Ministry official, “heavy bombs, machine guns, handguns, silencers, military and telecommunications equipment and other terrorist tools” were discovered during several raids. No further details were provided.

Israeli news media replied to these charges by saying that Tehran is operating in fear of more attacks on scientists connected to Iran’s controversial nuclear program. The Israeli government declined to comment on the issue.

Iranian leaders have stopped short of accusing the U.S., Israel and the U.K. of fighting a covert war on Iranian soil, but have accused us of organizing the assassinations of their nuclear scientists.

According to the Associated Press and ABC News, U.S. officials in November acknowledged that dozens of our operatives working undercover for the CIA had been arrested in Iran and Lebanon. Those arrested are feared dead or in prison.


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