North Korea Ready to Launch

Matt 24: 10 Then he said to them: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom."

North Korea is ready to shoot off more than their mouth! The launch is on, in spite of world opinion. All of the dialog has been spoken, but accomplished little, only the rhetoric remains.

Formerly with the U.S. space program, James Oberg is in North Korea for the launch. He has commented that the rocket is “not a weapon, but 98% of a weapon.” He inferred that the North Koreans require a little more weapons technology, but not much.

Since the Korean Conflict of the 1950s, South Korea and the North have had a “truce”, not a “treaty.” That means they are still technically at war. The south warned the northern capital of Pyongyang, if they fired their rocket it will deepen their isolation with the world and trigger further condemnation.

The South continues to complain about North Korea, who walked out on disarmament talks three years ago, saying the North is also preparing a third nuclear test following the illegal launch.

China seems to be North Korea’s only major ally. Chinese officials reiterated a plea for calm and said that all sides should make an effort to establish peace in the region.


One thought on “North Korea Ready to Launch

  1. Hey ya’ll:

    Got a thought on this one.
    First I’ll quote CBS with “rocket launch ended quickly in failure early Friday, splintering into pieces over the Yellow Sea soon after”.

    Kind of makes me wonder about Buck Rodgers & his ray gun being real, yea?

    So, here is the thought.
    What if North Korea was attempting to place in orbit a satellite / weapon for Iran?
    Iran does not have the ballistic orbital capability quit yet, yet Iran does have all sorts of toys from their neighbor Russia.
    And all eyes are on Iran. So for Iran to make such a launch would quickly shift Israel into a let’s-go status.

    So with Russia getting ready for to help Iran via a northern Iran entrance, why not pop a satellite / weapon up there by way of covert operandi -N. Korea?
    The third generation communist dictator would be a hero to Iran & Russia & China.
    I mean it is all about being recognized and power, isn’t it?
    So, . . ., why not?

    Because of Jesus,

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