Russia Amassing Troops on Iran Border

Matt 24: 10 Then he said to them: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom."

Apparently Russia is expecting war between Israel and Iran and possibly the USA. The Russian military is anticipating an attack on Iran this summer according to informed Russian sources.

Dmitry Rogozin, deputy Russian prime minister, warned against attacking Iran. “Iran is our neighbor,” he said. “If Iran is involved in any military action, it’s a direct threat to our security.” Rogozin is regarded to be strongly anti-Western.

The Russians do not believe that Israel is capable of attacking Iran on their own and is thinking that United States military action will be required. Building up the Russian military presence along the northern border of Iran potentially means getting involved in a war with Israel and possibly the U.S. over Iran’s right to have nuclear weapons. The Russians say they are concerned that an Iranian war will threaten their vital interests in the region and warn of “unpredictable consequences” if Iran is attacked.

The current situations in Syria and Iran have caused Russia to expedite plans that have been on the drawing board for two years. Russian newspaper, Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports, “Russia is now forced to create an action plan to improve their military groups in the South Caucasus, the Caspian, and in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions.”

Russia has vital interests in the region. The Russian Military Base 102 in Gyumri, Armenia, has been modernized because it occupies a major geopolitical position in the region in case war breaks out in Iran.

Families of Russian servicemen based at Gyumri, have already been evacuated due to their close proximity of the borders of Georgia and Turkey and the potential of an imminent Iranian war with Israel.


2 thoughts on “Russia Amassing Troops on Iran Border

  1. The amassing of Russian troops may well be the “Hooks” spoken of by Ezekiel. We already have the issues of Ezekiel ch. 35-36 the judgment of Mt Seir (Descendants of Esau) around the borders of Israel arguing over ownership of the land. They will loose that argument. Will the spark of the Palestinian conflict kick off the Gog / Magog war? Its incredible to see the geopolitical world aligning with scripture. However I don’t think we need to worry about the “Mark of the Beast” or any seven year period before the return of Messiah. I understand the last week of Daniel’s 70 weeks of years not to be a 7 year period at all like the first 483, but a jubilee of sevens starting when the prophecy is written 536BC and spanning 2484 solar years leading to 1948 the year Israel is born-again as a nation. According to Daniel in the middle of that week an abomination of desolation is built. Well in 706AD the Dome of the Rock was dedicated on the temple mount (making Islam the final BEAST), Its right in the middle of the week 1242 years after Daniel writes the prophecy. That last week has already occurred and according to Jesus in Matthew 24 the generation that can see the abomination, a great Tribulation (Time of Jacob’s trouble) in which it must be shortened or no flesh (the elect) would survive. Well the WWII holocaust fulfills that. Of the 9 million Jews alive 6 million were murdered (Zechariah 14 2/3 perish in the trial by fire / thats what the word holocaust means) If America and the allies did not step in no Jewish flesh (The Elect) would have survived! From the holocaust comes the Nation of Israel. Then the book of Matthew says when the fig tree (Israel) blossoms the generation to be able to look back and see all these things will see everything (second coming). I’m not exact on what a biblical generation is but the way everything seems to be lining up tells me that we are closer to the ultimate end that most of the church realizes. I know this is a different view than most hear, but history bears it out. Feel free to contact me for more info anytime.

  2. Okay -This article I have to print out & pass around.

    Thank you, Mr. Jan Douglas Bish, for this intel.

    Several things come to mind:
    1. Is this along the line of our wonderful leader (pres. Obama) just recently, in Korea, holding the forearm & hand of Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, confiding to him that such N such will be taken care of after he is re-elected? That such N such has a better chance of coming to pass once he –Obama- is re-elected? And wasn’t it interesting how the current president of Russia, Medvedev stated he’d inform “Vladimir” (The man who had just been president of Russia for 2 terms prior to Dmitry Medvedev) Putin. Kind-of feels something important like when Billy Bob Clinton was president of the USofA & Madam Not-So-Bright helped China along so to become ballistic missile / 3-stage launch capable (and of course, gyroscopic target reckoning with which they threatened us –U.S.- with nuclear attack (L.A.) soon thereafter).
    2. A third World War (WWIII) is / has been seen by the Creator & was declared via the prophet Ezekiel. So are we now looking at the “hooks” being placed into the mouths of the enemies of Israel? You know, the radiation & all takes time to thin out. The word even tells that the weapons & bones & such will be marked so that the guys in haz-mat suits can clean it up. Without looking it up, I believe it is 7 years. Anyhow, is this article pointing to the beginning of the hooks in the jaws of Ezekiel 38?
    3. And third, yet there are others, I’ll conclude with this. I honestly do not think that Matthew 24:10 (actually 24:7) qualifies for this one. Wars & rumors of wars is not WWIII. This is bigger than plural “war”. A world war involves all. A world war has to be orchestrated. Check our world history. World wars have changed governments, removed &/or created countries and removed &/or created new boarders. World maps of pre & post WWI and WWII can be an eye opener. And who controls what and where. The enemy (satan & its’ band of evil marauders) look not to be recognized in its’ techniques –stealth. Yet the techniques are becoming more apparent to those with eyes to see. Therefore (and perhaps) the plugs are being pulled & they are now going for broke with all chips now being on the table. This is the season of ‘exposure’ -Yes? Russia has always wanted a “warm water” port. China is building theirs.

    Let’s not perish because of a lack of knowledge / ignorance. Let’s get ready, Church. People are going to be asking hysterically if this is Armageddon.
    Ezekiel 38, then Armageddon.

    I pray this is not the beginning of Ezekiel 38. I pray not. Yet if it is, then my denying it won’t make it go away.
    These are the days of Revelation & Jesus is coming back soon. Yet I believe that most of the Church does not understand why Jesus is coming back. To remove the true Church thereby allowing the princes of the air to have free reign? –Yes. Yet didn’t I read somewhere that unless Jesus came back, no –NO- flesh would be left? So I see His return as so to prevent man from totally killing himself off. And, of course, He (God) does it at the last micro-second. At least it ‘feels’ that way.

    And to the point; the hysterical are the ones who have not prepared. Prepared spiritually, physically, and soul-ish-ly. The emotions are gonna go overload real soon here on planet earth. Perhaps many a soul will even shut down & not be able to function any longer. (Perhaps the mark of the beast removes the soul so the person can ‘cope’ and function within society.) And @ such a point, the spirit had better be trained up real good & be anchored into the Rock r-e-a-l good because that is what will take over the body when the soul shuts down; lest the person simply goes freeze. On the extreme of walking by faith N not by sight.

    Brother Jim, 600 acres might not be enough.
    At what point is “more than enough”?

    Because of Jesus,

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