Fly-in goes over like Lead Balloon

Pro- Palestinian Arabs attempted a “Fly-In” to Israel. The flights that made it through were greeted by unarmed police in civilian clothes and detained at Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. Before being deported they were greeted with a letter of welcome, as follows:

“Dear Activists, We appreciate your choosing to make Israel the object of your humanitarian concerns. We know there were many other worthy choices. You could have chosen to protest the Syrian regime’s daily savagery against its own people, which has claimed thousands of lives. You could have chosen to protest the Iranian regime’s brutal crackdown on dissent and its support of terrorism throughout the world. You could have chosen to protest Hamas rule in Gaza, where terror organizations commit a double war crime by firing rockets at civilians and hiding behind civilians. But instead, you chose to protest against Israel, the Middle East’s sole democracy, where women are equal, the press criticizes the government, human rights organizations can operate freely, religious freedom is protected for all – and minorities do not live in fear. Therefore, we suggest you solve the real problems of the region first, and then come back and share your experiences with us. Have a nice flight.”

Israel was on the alert and waiting for the Fly-In participants on Sunday. The “Flytilla” had planned to inundate Israel with foreign anti-Israel activists in order to protest Israel’s control over Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem. After all was said and done; only a handful of protesters had managed to land in Israel. That group was quickly and efficiently detained, welcomed and deported.

Out of the more than 1,500 pro-Palestinian Arab protesters who planned to demonstrate in Israel, 60% received notifications from commercial airlines that their flights had been cancelled. Carriers who participated in the cancellations were Lufthansa, Air France and Easyjet.

Israeli intelligence had passed out lists of known trouble-makers (activists) to the airlines along with a letter warning of the group’s intention to provoke trouble and disturb the peace.

The “Fly-In” became an immediate “Fly-Out.”


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