Tehran Persecutes Christians

Revelación 12:11-12 “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; y ellos, y menospreciaron sus vidas hasta la muerte. Therefore rejoice ye heavens, y los que moráis en ellos. ¡Ay de los moradores de la tierra y del mar! For the devil is come down unto you, con gran ira, because he knows that he has but a short time.”

Government officials in Iran are demanding that Christian church leaders turn over to them the names and National ID numbers of their congregations and have been threatening Christian converts. Leaders of the Assembly of God church in Tehran, under coercion, were instructed to provide personal information on new members to Iran Security Officials.

Being known as a new convert to Christianity by the authorities can be dangerous as well as detrimental in finding work as a non-Muslim. Assemblies of God churches have been under government surveillance for years in Iran and its members are threatened even with imprisonment. The church has refused to comply.

En 2009, the Ministry of Intelligence banned the church from holding services in Farsi (the national language). Desde entonces, this prohibition has also been imposed on other congregations in Tehran. This kind of continued harassment has forced Christians to go under-ground in Iran. There are now a growing number of home churches that the government has been unable to harass on a regular basis.

Youcef Nadarkhani, a Christian pastor, was jailed and sentenced to death in Iran last year for apostasy. A letter has just surfaced from Youcef saying he wanted to thank those praying for him and to inform his beloved brothers and sisters that he was in good health in the flesh and spirit, despite the difficulties in prison. “This is the day of exam and trial of my faith. These days are hard, but to prove my loyalty and sincerity to God, I am trying to do the best in my power to stay right with what I have learned from God’s commandments,", Escribió. He continues to face the death penalty for abandoning Islam and converting to Christianity.

Jailed Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani’s attorney has now been convicted of acting against Iranian national security, spreading propaganda and keeping banned books at home. His expected imprisonment will be in one of Iran’s worst prisons. “This is also bad news for Pastor Nadarkhani’s case,” stressed a church official. “Without Youcef’s lawyer, it will be even more difficult to prevent his execution.”

There are reports that a Prominent Iranian house church pastor, Behnam Irani, is still being beaten in his prison cell, but less frequently, an official assisting him with advocacy announced on May 14, just weeks after his family expressed concerns he may die. “He has asked to visit a doctor and they have denied his requests.” Pastor Behnam Irani is in his 40s and is married with two children. He has been held on charges of “crimes against the Islamic state,” apparently linked to his involvement in the unauthorized house church. His family says that he “remains strong and joyful in the faith,” and asks that you “Please pray for his healing and deliverance from the bleeding.”

En efecto, it is time to pray for the true international church, the body of Christ Jesus.

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  1. All we can do is continue to pray for ourselves and the nation. Sin embargo, Jesus already prophesied, en Mateo, capítulo 24, that his disciples would be hated by ALL nations for His dear name’s sake. And indeed, the word “todo” would include our very own “nación”, es decir, la llamada “Estados Unidos de América”.

    The current acceleration in the openness of expression of “odio” toward Christians has already been prophesied by Jesus himself. Por lo tanto, Dear Reader, do not be surprised in the increasing anti-Christian sentiments that are prevailing the halls of our federal, estado, and local governments – and the general population, también. We Christians are just going to have toget used towhat the Lord has already prophesied; y continuar “orar” for our leaders and the nation; BUT simultaneously SEEK God for spiritual strength to face the inevitable increase in persecutions toward Christians – whenever [Dios sabe] que “día” will finally come upon us.

    Dear Reader, I suggest that visit various websites on the Internet that specialize in reporting the persecution of OTHER saints around the world. Every year, there are hundreds of Christians in other nations that are incarcerated, and/or tortured, and/or killed for standing up for the name of Jesus Christ. It is very heartbreaking and almost unbelievable as you read about the irrational hatred that is targeted toward Christians; and the abominable things these same Christians suffer for the cause of Christ.

    Pero, desafortunadamente, Dear Reader, un día, OUR TURN will likewise “venir” – even in America; for undergoing the same kind and level of intensity of persecution that other saints are currently experiencing around the world. Sin embargo, in the mean time, we Christians in America should begetting ready– NOW – to face that awful day when even the U.S. Government willsanctionpersecution of Christians in America. Créeme, Dear Reader, un día, it’s gonna happen !!! The Bible has already prophesied an inevitable worldwide martyrdom of the saints during the reign of the Anti-Christ; and the United States – if it still exits during the Anti-Christ’s reign – will partake in the persecutions of the saints, as all other nations around the world will likewise do.

    Así que de nuevo, I say – GET READY !!! Persecution is indeed comin’ a América !!!

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