Burgas Bus Bomb - Représailles juré

(Rev 6:3-4) Lorsque l'Agneau ouvrit le second sceau, J'ai entendu le second être vivant qui disait:, "Venez!" Puis un autre cheval est sorti, un rouge. Son cavalier a été donné le pouvoir d'enlever la paix (prospérité, reste) de la terre et de rendre les gens s'entre-tuer (boucher, abattage, à mutiler violemment, dans les rues), and he was given a great sword. (an assassins sword)

"Pas un jour ne passe sans que nos sens ne sont pas matraqué par certains nouvelle flambée du terrorisme au Moyen-Orient. En dépit de nos meilleurs efforts à faire et de garder la paix, politique, économique, et les tensions religieuses conduisent souvent à des troubles, violence, et les émeutes. "

-Jim Bakker dans "la prospérité et l'Apocalypse Coming"

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is blaming the Burgas bus bombing on Iran. Netanyahu said “all signs lead to Iran,” and warned that Israel will respond powerfully against Iranian terrorism groups worldwide.

The bomb exploded just outside the airport in Burgas on the Black Sea coast, killing at least seven Israelis, six people were killed at the scene, and a seventh died in the hospital. Thirty other people were wounded, including two in critical condition.

An eyewitness said the Israelis had just gone through passport control and were directed to the buses to transport them to their hotel. “We placed our bags in the luggage compartment and after a couple of minutes the bus was rocked and burst into flames.”

People were jumping out of the windows and running away from the burning bus so as not to walk over corpses and body parts.

Netanyahu said in a statement, “Over the last few months alone we have seen Iranian attempts to attack Israelis in Thailand, Inde, Géorgie, Kenya, Cyprus and other places.” The prime minister also pointed a finger at Iran for trying to carry out a thwarted attack in Cyprus earlier this month. Security officials correspondingly mentioned the bombing of an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria that was frustrated earlier this year by Iranian backed terrorists.

Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak said the Burgas bus bombing was part of a “long battle” that Israel has been waging against terrorist attacks by Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. He advised Israelis to continue traveling abroad and vowed that the defense establishment would use all its force to “get its hands on the perpetrators and the plotters.”

Israel will work on all levels to ensure directly and indirectly that all those involved in attacks against its people will “pay the price.”

Brig. General Nitzan Nuriel responded, “Hezbollah has a presence in Bulgaria and there have been attempts that were stopped there before.” The former head of the Counterterrorism Bureau also mentioned that the terrorists “could have relied on the local Muslim community or crossed into Bulgaria from Turkey. It is quite easy.”

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