Greece Economy Jeopardizes Euro

Rev 6:3-4 NCV Lorsque l'Agneau ouvrit le second sceau, J'ai entendu le second être vivant qui disait:, "Venez!" Puis un autre cheval est sorti, un rouge. Son cavalier a été donné le pouvoir d'enlever la paix (prospérité, reste) de la terre et de rendre les gens s'entre-tuer (boucher, abattage, à mutiler violemment, dans les rues), et on lui a donné une grande épée (assassins épée, terroriste, fort, puissant, une grande frayeur).

“Many of the world crises we are beginning to experience were predicted in the Bible hundreds of years ago. What is shocking, cependant, is the rapid-fire speed at which these events are now racing ahead.”

-Jim Bakker dans "la prospérité et l'Apocalypse Coming"

The potential removal of Greece from the Euro rocked the markets in Europe on Monday.

Ten year borrowing costs in Italy and Spain rose to their highest levels this year and stock markets had their biggest one-day drop in three weeks. Ten year bonds in Germany fell to a record low.

Leaders in Europe have created a 500 billion euro financial safety net called the Eurozone Rescue System. Cependant, financial analysts are questioning if that’s big enough to save larger economies than Greece.

A strategist at UBS told the Financial Times said the firewall is theoretically big enough for a country like Spain but said government officials could have practical problems gaining the necessary loans.

While the danger of economic failure in Greece is known, Spain is struggling with deep budget cuts and the cost of insuring against a Spanish default hit a record high Monday.

Source: Financial Times – Greece Economy Jeopardizes Euro

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