Syria Confused Turkish Jet for an Israeli

Marquez 13:8 Une nation s'élèvera contre une nation, et un royaume contre un royaume;.

"Pas un jour ne passe sans que nos sens ne sont pas matraqué par certains nouvelle flambée du terrorisme au Moyen-Orient. En dépit de nos meilleurs efforts à faire et de garder la paix, politique, économique, et les tensions religieuses conduisent souvent à des troubles, violence, et les émeutes. "

-Jim Bakker dans "la prospérité et l'Apocalypse Coming"

Syrian minister Omran al-Zubi claims the Syrian soldiers may have confused the Turkish jet they shot down, killing two Turkish flyers, for an Israeli jet. “Israeli planes are welcomed by fire.” Al-Zubi also stated the “Zionist country” was in the area, and our Syrian military is on the alert for Israeli aircraft.

Illustrative photo of a Turkish F-4 fighter jet. (photo credit: CC BY Jerry Gunner, Flickr

The Turkish and Israeli Air Forces have both purchased McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom fighter jets from the United States. However the Israeli Air Force has not used the F-4 since 2004. The Syrian/Turkish incident happened off the coast of northern Syria, sur 150 miles north of Israel’s Lebanese border.

The Turkish military is in the process of building up their forces along its Syrian border with at least 15 long-range artillery pieces, tanks and armed troops. Turkish government officials called the Syrian shooting a “hostile act” and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed the Turkish military will target any Syrian military elements that approach the Turkish border.

Turkey and Syria have had good relations until March of 2011, when the Syrian revolt began. Turkey has become one of the strongest critics of the Syrian regime and has repeatedly asked for President Bashar Assad to step down.

Syria insists the reason for firing on the fighter jet was the plane violated its air space. Turkey responded saying that if the jet had unintentionally strayed into Syrian air space, it was inside international airspace when it was shot down over the Mediterranean.

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