Israel’s New Unity Government

1 התסלוניקים 5:2-6 KJV “…the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. שכן, כאשר הם יאמרו, שלום וביטחון; יבוא חורבן פתאומי מכן עליהם, כייסורים על אישה עם ילד; והם לא יימלטו. אבל אתם, אחים לדת, הם לא בחושך, באותו יום שצריך לעקוף אותך כגנב. אתם הם את כל הילדים של אור, והילדים של היום: אנחנו לא בלילה, ולא של חושך. לכן לא נתן לנו לישון, כפי שעושים אחרים; but let us watch and be sober.”

Israel’s former leading opposition party, Kadima has taken a more dovish line in the past on the Palestinian issue than Netanyahu’s Likud Party. A coalition of these two forces coming together will create a stronger Israel, in peace or in war. There is speculation that the new national unity government might be as active in pursuing peace negotiations with the Palestinians as it will be in confronting the threat of a nuclear Iran.

Israel’s new Deputy Prime Minister, שאול מופז, the former opposition leader, has spoken out in the past against Israel striking Iran nuclear facilities without coordinating the action with U.S. כוחות. Mofaz can draw from his experience as an ex-military chief and defense minister, in becoming a part of the Prime Minister’s inner circle. Mofaz can also have valued input into any peace discussions or military options.

Israel continues to accuse Iran of stalling for more time, in order to complete their weapons experiments unhindered. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists the May 23 talks with Iran in Baghdad will only succeed if Tehran agrees to stop all uranium enrichment. Enriched uranium is the main ingredient required in making an atomic weapon.

Israel considers a nuclear-armed Tehran to be a mortal threat to the Jewish state in light of Iran’s rants to destroy Israel and their support for anti-Israel terrorist’s organizations. Iran also has developed long-range missiles capable of striking the Jewish homeland.

The newly released satellite images of the nuclear facility located outside of Tehran show new signs of weapons development.

ו -, on the Israeli home front, Netanyahu said as he announced the new unity government, “I hope that President Abbas will use this opportunity to resume the peace talks,” according to the Jerusalem Post. “The process is not stuck because of us, P.M. אמר. “It is stuck because the Palestinians have not decided to sit down and negotiate with us.”

Palestinian President Abbas has been more receptive about negotiations with Israel lately but has not said anything about returning to peace talks.


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