Jihadist Multiple Murder Suspect Killed By French Police

Rev 6:3-4 NCV Quando l'Agnello aprì il secondo sigillo, Udii il secondo essere vivente che diceva, "Venite!" Allora uscì un altro cavallo, uno rosso. Colui che lo cavalcava fu dato potere di togliere la pace (prosperità, riposo) dalla terra e per rendere le persone si uccidono a vicenda (macellaio, macellare, a mutilare violentemente, nelle strade), e gli fu data una grande spada (assassini spada, terrorista, forte, potente, mal di paura).

A self-proclaimed jihadist and Al-Queda proponent died after a 32-hour standoff with French police. Mohamed Merah, 23, had taken responsibility for a 10-day shooting spree that included the murder of a rabbi and three Jewish children. He died after being shot in the head by a police sniper as he jumped through a first floor window. No police were killed in the siege but five officers suffered gunshot wounds.

Merah claimed he was acting for the honor of Islam and for French involvement in Afghanistan. He said the attack on the Jewish school and the murder of the children was in response to the deaths of Palestinian children.

He boasted to French police negotiators that he “brought France to its knees” and that his one regret was that he could not kill more people.

Merah had filmed his killings using a camera strapped to his body, at one point yellingAllahu Akbar” while committing the murders.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy called Merah’s actions “terrorist attacks” and that he would be presenting a new series of anti-terrorism laws.