Guarda Richieste di preghiera

Si prega di aggiungere le vostre preghiere al nostro e stare in fede per le seguenti esigenze da soddisfare.

  • Pray for Brenda's husband William, who has been diagnosed with cancer of the blood. We curse this cancer in the Mighty Name of Jesus and speak to every cancer cell to die!
  • Elizabeth requested prayer for her daughter Natalie and her husband Tom that they will come to the Lord. Pray also for protection over the grandchildren.
  • Cathy has written a timely book especially for Christian women. She had a near death experience and the Lord has given to her and showed her much to share with the Body of Christ. Pray that this anointed book will touch many lives!
  • Kathy è stato assunto come medico emittente e codificatore per una società prestigiosa in Tampa, Florida. Pray that she is successful in her new position and that she has God's favor!
  • Pregate per intervento divino e la liberazione per Julie che soffre di depressione clinica cronica.
  • Charlene suffers with chronic headaches. She will see a specialist soon. Pray that they will be able to find the cause and will find the best method of treatment. Her brother Allen is in pain and needs healing as well in his spirit, anima e corpo. Pray that the Lord will touch and heal both of them!
  • Holly and her husband need a real financial breakthrough. They are burdened down with debt and she is very depressed. Her husband is disabled and she needs a full time job. Pray that the Lord will lead her to the right job and that she will have favor.
  • Bonny has several health issues and needs a total healing. Her right femur bone, che è stato interrotto 2 years ago is not healing. She has a tumor on her right kidney and needs surgery. She has other issues as well, e sa che Gesù è il suo guaritore! Let's stand in faith with Bonny! We stand against all these attacks of the enemy upon her body and speak health and wholeness to her in Jesus' Mighty Name!
  • Jil has requested prayer for her grandson who needs massive deliverance. He is addicted to smoking cigarettes and marijuana and is a compulsive liar.
  • Daniel chiede di stare in fede con lui per la manifestazione della guarigione per la schiena, allergie alimentari, e ginocchia.
  • Pray for Jim who is suffering with severe pain in his back and needs to be healed. Pray too for wisdom and open doors for him with his business decisions in this new year.
  • Helen recently lost her husband and has been left with a large debt. Pray that the Lord will give her wisdom to know the best way to liquidate the date. Pray also for her ankle to totally be healed. She broke her ankle 2 years ago and since then has battled an infection in her ankle. Signore, siamo così grati che si commette un modo quando non sembra esserci nessun modo e ti diamo lode, onore e gloria!
  • Last September Joyce hurt her leg. The leg healed, ma da allora ha avuto dolore alla gamba e non sono in grado di scoprire che cosa sta causando il dolore. Pray that they discover the cause and that the pain will go in Jesus' Name!
  • Pray that God will move in Wanda's life and marriage. Her husband has left home without notice and she has not heard from him. Pray that she will not allow bitterness to come into her heart and that the Lord will deal with her husband and that their marriage will be healed!
  • Pregate per Bill, who is a paraplegic. He needs healing of a bad pressure wound on his back side. He has been in and out of the hospital for several months and has just recently been readmitted again. He does not know the Lord! Pray for his salvation, e la guarigione della sua mente, il corpo e lo spirito!
  • Judy recently had a growth removed from her breast. She has had low grade lymphoma in the past. Pray that all signs of cancer will go from her body and that she will be declared cancer free!
  • Pray for Spencer. His wife of 20 years left him and he has fallen apart and is not able to function normally. He is almost destitute. Pray that he will have a breakthrough and that faith will again rise in his heart!
  • Dee needs a real miracle of healing. She has been diagnosed with bone cancer. Let's stand in faith upon God's Word for her total healing!
  • Charlene has gangrene in one of her toes. Pray for healing and wisdom in her eating habits.
  • The enemy has tried to bring division between Cheryl and her parents. Pray that a hedge of protection will be around her parents and that a spirit of fear will not gain entrance into their lives.