Guarda Richieste di preghiera

Si prega di aggiungere le vostre preghiere al nostro e stare in fede per le seguenti esigenze da soddisfare.

  • Donna and her Granddaughter both need healing in their bodies. Let's pray and believe for their total healing!
  • Pray that Trish's husband will be able to find a job.
  • Pray for Martese and his fmily who all need to be saved. Martese is on heavy drugs and is a bad influence to his family.  
  • Claire sta combattendo la depressione per 5 mesi. Pray that she will be totally delivered and be set free!
  • Pray for David who needs a real touch from the Lord. He has lung problems as well as some issues with his eyes.
  • Thomas needs to buy a new car. Pray that he will have favor as he shops.
  • Robert ci ha chiesto di pregare che venga ripristinato il suo rapporto con la moglie.
  • Pray that David will be completely healed of emphysema. He has suffered for many years.
  • Pray that Cher will have favor and that she will be able to keep her house. She has opened her home to other family members.
  • Carolyn's husband is suffering with cancer. We are standing in faith with her and rebuking this spirit of cancer in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!
  • Esther had a mental stroke in 1997. Pray that she will be able to come into emotional and mental peace. She needs God's direction and help to finish the computer work that she has started.
  • Barbara has her house for sale. Pray that the Lord will bring the right buyer and that it would sell at the right price.
  • Pray for Kim to receive healing in both of her feet. The bones are broken and the doctors are worried that they will rot. Pray for Kim to be completely healed!
  • Linda e suo marito sono separati. She needs God's wisdom and strength to do God's will. She desires to please the Lord. Pray that the Lord will deal with both of their hearts and work a mighty work or restoration.
  • Pray for Havila who is very lonely and has too much time on her hands. Pray that the Lord will bring her some new friends that have like interests with her.
  • Loretta's daughter recently lost her husband who was only 47. She has 3 bambini. Her two brother in laws are in a dispute regarding the insurance money. They think it should go to the family business instead of her daughter. We know that according to the Word of God that where there is strife there is every evil work. Those involved are all professing Christians. Pray that their hearts would soften and that all concerned will do what is right.
  • Pray for Wanda's grandson Jeremiah. He got in with some wrong people, and has had to serve time. Wanda has been standing in the gap for him for a long time and the Lord has shown her much regarding Jeremiah. Pray that when he goes before the judge that he will have favor. Pray that he will also totally yield his life to the Lord. Our God is so faithful and true! Pray for Aaron and Misty, i suoi genitori, who do not know the Lord. Pray that a great revival will come in the family as a result of the prayers that have ascended before the Throne of God! Our God is an Awesome God!
  • Paulette needs healing in her lungs. Pray also for unity in her family. Her husband needs healing in his emotions. Let's believe the Lord to do a mighty work in this home!
  • Pray for Tiffany. She is in dark spiritual bondage and needs a real deliverance.
  • Pray for Laura who is very sick and in the hospital. They have been unable to diagnose what the problem is, ma lei ha sintomi simili a un ictus. Pregate per i medici di avere la saggezza e la conoscenza dall'alto.