Guarda Richieste di preghiera

Si prega di aggiungere le vostre preghiere al nostro e stare in fede per le seguenti esigenze da soddisfare.

  • Paula is suffering from digestive problems that causes her to have stomach problems all the time. Pray that she will be healed!
  • Julie's son- in-law needs a better job to be able to provide for his wife and two young children. They are strong Christian's and they are trusting God, but are in danger of losing their car and home. They need a real miracle!
  • Pray that Linda will have a breakthrough in her finances. She needs new clients for her housecleaning business. Pray that new doors will open for her. Pray for healing and restoration for the whole family.
  • Susan has undergone radiation for cancer treatment and now is having problems with her eyes. They are runny and crusty. Pray for the Lord to totally heal her!
  • Un giovane uomo, 18 o un po 'più grande, che soffre di fibrosi cistica, è andato in ospedale per una routine "pulizia fuori" of his lungs. They used an experimental drug, che gli ha causato gravi danni cerebrali, al punto che non può parlare, ma gorgoglii e ringhia, and flails around. They do not know what to do for him. They are afraid to put him out for more testing, for fear that he will not come back. Please pray for a complete healing and restoration of this man's entire body! We also know that God can heal the Cystic Fibrosis, troppo! Pray for the family who is ridden with guilt for saying "sì" a questa nuova procedura sperimentale. Pray for the family to have the Peace of God at this time as they walk through this.
  • Judy feels so alone and desires to have friends. Pray that the hindrances will be removed and the deposit of God within her will begin to flow out to others! Believe with us for a total release within Judy's life and that the Lord will bring her new friends that love the Lord and with whom she can share.
  • Dee ha appena finito 25 radiation treatments for spinal cancer. Pray for the Lord to totally complete the healing! Il nostro Dio è un Dio terribile!
  • Elisabetta soffre di mal di schiena, panic attacks and fear. Her daughter's need Jesus. Let's pray and believe the Lord to heal her and draw her daughter 's to Himself.
  • Pray for Cheryl's brother Allen. He is in a nursing home and having repeated infections. A new drug they have added is psychotropic and has very serious side effects, including death to seniors. Pray for God's divine intervention!
  • Virginia's grandson Bryce has a dark spot on his brain. Pray that it will disappear without his having to have surgery. We thank you Lord that you paid the price at Calvary for our healing and redemption!
  • Pregate per Carolyn che ha avuto molteplici problemi da quando lei aveva una protesi d'anca più di un anno fa, the most recent being more hip surgery recently due to infection. She is still in the hospital. Her blood pressure has dropped and she is having unbearable pain in her knee. Pray for her healing!
  • Tina scrive: "I'm a firm believer in God's healing power, but am struggling with Lupus. Please join with me in contending for my full healing!"
  • Yesenia has requested prayer for her family. Pray that God will remove the scales from off the eyes of family members who have backslidden or that have not yet accepted Christ. Pray that He may open their spiritual ears to hear and to heed His warnings that they will be saved!
  • Julie sta per iniziare a lavorare come volontario presso il Centro di Crisi Gravidanza in Florida e vorrebbe preghiera, for her desire is that she would be able to lead young women to Jesus and away from abortion.
  • Sylvia would like for you to pray for the safety of her family and that God's grace will cover them with His protection. They live 6 miglia dal confine messicano a Mission, Texas.
  • Jennifer has requested prayer for her and her husband's relationship. The enemy seems to be having a hey day and things are not going well. Pray that she will have wisdom in what she says. He is very angry and frustrated and she does not understand what the root of the problem really is. Pray for divine intervention!
  • Shirley's brother has been diagnosed with an infection of the brain, similar to encephalitis. His immune system is compromised. Pray that he will have a speedy recovery!
  • Per favore prega che mio marito Steve è guarito da debilitante stanchezza.
  • Sean is asking that we remember him and his family for salvation, guarigione e protezione. Dio è fedele e siamo d'accordo con lui per vedere le sue preghiere vengono a passare.
  • Andrea sta avendo numerosi problemi di salute, and the neurologist is leaning towards a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. She is only 29 ed è homeschooling suoi figli, so this has been quite a blow to her. Pray that the Lord will touch and heal her. Signore, ci troviamo sulla tua Parola che dai vostri strisce lei è guarita!