Guarda Richieste di preghiera

Si prega di aggiungere le vostre preghiere al nostro e stare in fede per le seguenti esigenze da soddisfare.

  • Pray for Monique who is in constant pain with neuralgia.
  • Pray for Fern who is having pain in her heart. Pray also for the protection of the Lord over her family.
  • Pray for Paul. He is under heavy oppression of the enemy. He has a lot of heaviness, nessuna energia e viene letto rilegato.
  • Pray for Marge. She is having a lot of spiritual warfare.
  • Pray for Patti who is a new Christian. Her daughter has been given a week to live. Pray that the daughter's heart will be open to receive the Lord.
  •   Pray for Bertha to have victory over the enemy and have faith to walk in the promises of God.
  • Ken ha bisogno della preghiera per la depressione. Pregate che il Signore fa un modo per lui di tornare a casa.
  • Susanna is very stressed right now and also has the flu. Pregate per un recupero più presto.
  • Anna si trasferirà ! Dio ha aperto una porta per loro! Pray for God's timing.
  • Larry è disperata e ha bisogno di una svolta finanziaria.
  • Annie ha bisogno di guarigione in tutto il corpo; i suoi muscoli, cuore, ossa, neck and nerve endings. Pregate che ha la pace nella sua vita anche.
  • Pray for Phyllis who is having problems with her lungs, and respiratory tract. She is seriously ill.
  • Leon and Eugene were in a bad car accident and Eugene may be paralyzed. Pray for them to come to Christ and to be healed!
  • B. King's daughter and son's car is broken down. They are in need of finances and a job.
  • Patricia is having a lot of financial stress and has many bills. Pray for her to have wisdom and knowledge.
  • Nancy requested prayer for her sister Mary who is in the hospital with congestive heart failure and other health issues.  
  • Donna had Bronchitis and it went to her heart. Pray that there will not be any permanent damage.
  • Steven ha bisogno di una svolta nelle sue finanze.
  • Patricia has a cancer growth on one of her kidneys, which has spread to other parts of body. Ha bisogno di un miracolo!
  • Chuck and BJ want to be healed and free of pain. Pray that they will have a financial breakthrough and that the spiritual gifts will operate in their lives.