Guarda Richieste di preghiera

Si prega di aggiungere le vostre preghiere al nostro e stare in fede per le seguenti esigenze da soddisfare.

  • Jake and his wife are Meth addicts. Hanno 4 children who are 1,3,4,and 6. Pray that Jake and his wife will come to the Lord and that in the days to come the whole family will be saved!
  • Ellen is in a battle with cancer and needs prayer to be healed. "Noi siamo al vostro Word, O Lord, che con le tue strisce lei è guarita!"
  • Pray for Mark who had a kidney removed and has lost his job. A friend David is having seizures. They are having to confront a phone issue today regarding their son and his cell phone. Pray that they have wisdom for what they are facing and also pray for healing for Mark and David.
  • David, chi è 24 years old and autistic, è stato trovato impiccato nella sua cella, but he did survive. He is under a 30 day evaluation and then will have a trial. Pray that a pastor will be able to get in and minister to him and pray for him.
  • Peggy is suffering with terrible pain and inflammation in her lower back and hip. She also is requesting prayer for God's protection to surround her in the place where she lives. Let's believe God to do a mighty work of healing and deliverance in her spirit, anima e corpo!
  • Jean, who is elderly lives up in the Sierras. Her well has gone dry and she has no water. She hasn't been able to bathe. She has no church fellowship. Pray that the Lord will work a miracle for her!
  • Belva had a mastectomy and is now undergoing chemo treatment. Pray for her complete recovery and healing!
  • David's cousin Linda has had an Aneurism and has been taken to the hospital in Tampa, Florida. Pray for a miracle of restoration to take place. Signore Gesù, may your Resurrection Life flow into Linda's body and mind this day!
  • Barb had a spot on her left hand which came back positive from the Lab. The Doctor removed it. Pray for a complete healing!
  • Pray for Ginny's grandson Bryce. Egli è 24 and was told by his physician that he has a dark spot on his brain. They have done several scans and will have an MRI soon. Pray that the Lord will heal him and that the spot will be gone when he is examined the next time. Bryce recently had a fall, but the doctor doesn't seem to feel that the spot is a result of the fall.
  • Pregate per Filippo che soffre di epatite B. There is nothing too hard for our God!
  • Patty's oldest daughter was diagnosed with MS five years ago. Lei è 26. She has various other health issues including sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome and fibromyalgia. She is also overweight. Pray that the Lord will give her the desire to lose weight and that He will touch and heal her from these other problems. God is able!!
  • Pray for Kathy's Uncle Pat who is battling leukemia and for his wife and children. Pray that the peace of God will rule in all of their hearts and that Pat will be made whole!
  • Crystal has requested prayer for her oldest son Austin who will soon turn 20. He has moved from South Carolina to California because of a job opportunity. They are close and have discussions about God, la Bibbia, creation and salvation. Tuttavia, he has not yet come to the place where he is willing to surrender his life to the Lord. Pray that the Lord will move in his life and draw him to Himself! Crystal also asks prayer for her younger brother who is 40, sua sorella minore, chi è bipolare, e un 10 year old boy who has never known his father. Pray that all of these will have a real encounter with the Lord!
  • Per favore pregate per Justin che sta scontando 5 years in prison for escaping from a police car while under the influence of drugs. Justin may be on a suicide watch. Fred is also in prison and has been diagnosed with a terminal liver disease. Pregate per la salvezza, liberazione e redenzione per questi uomini!  
  • Larry and his family have a lot of credit card debt and need to be delivered from it. Pray that they have a breakthrough in their finances and a deliverance from using the credit cards!
  • Jannet's daughter is now in a Christian based Rehab for women. Pray that she is delivered and will have a heart to stay clean as she is expecting a baby girl at the end of August. Pray that she will surrender her life to the Lord!
  • Denise ha problemi di sinusite e ha bisogno di guarigione! Pray that she will be made whole--spirit, anima e corpo!  
  • John Paul Jackson recently had extensive surgery where they removed a lot of muscle mass and a very large tumor. The sciatic nerve was not touched so that is very good. Pray that the pain level will decrease. Let's continue to pray through to full victory!
  • Vicky has requested prayer for her son who seems to have a generational curse that has followed him. Pray that her son will have favor as he applies for work and will not be hindered by anything in his background, e che avrà favore!