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3 for 2 The Harbinger Books

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

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3 - The Harbinger by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

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With this special offer you will receive two The Harbinger books by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn with a bonus The Harbinger book.

Is it possible that there exists an ancient mystery that holds the secret of America's future? That this mystery is behind everything from 9/11 to the collapse of the global economy? That God is now sending a prophetic message on which America's future hangs?

Before its end as a nation, there appeared in ancient Israel a series of specific omens and signs warning of destruction - these same Nine Harbingers are now manifesting in America with profound ramifications for America's future and end-time prophecy.

Written in a riveting narrative style, The Harbinger opens with the appearance of a man burdened with a series of messages he has received in the form of nine seals.  Each seal unveils a prophetic mystery concerning America and its future that takes you on an amazing journey that will change the way you see the world forever.

Author Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

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