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Pinto Bean Bucket Bonus Offer

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Quick Overview

10 - 64 Serving Bean Buckets

2 - 160 Serving Tomato Buckets

2 - Builders Club Cards

Frequently ordered together

With this special offer you will receive ten Bean Buckets, two Tomato Buckets and two Builder's Club Cards.

Pinto Beans:

Pinto beans are nutritious, filling and affordable. They are a perfect addition to your pantry and your long-term food supply. Unlike other beans that are packaged in bulk, there is no worry of exposure each time you open the lid. Each 64-serving bucket is packaged into 8 individual eight-serving pouches. You only expose the beans that you use, extending the shelf life and nutritional values of each unopened pouch to 20 years when stored properly.

Preparation is easy and convenient. Just add water and in less than six minutes, you can sit down to a healthy, hearty serving of beans that is full of fiber, protein and essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Their nutrition, convenience and cost make them a smart choice when camping or used for everyday meals. Packaged in a weather-proof bucket, our airtight bucket provides added protection, along with easy storage and portability. Our buckets are designed for easy stacking to conserve storage space.


The 10 lb Tomato Bucket will rehydrate to the equivalent of 102 lbs of fresh tomatoes and is the perfect augment to any emergency food pantry. Simply add water to rehydrate.

Use these tomatoes to add flavor to any dish. Add them to beans to make a chili!  Tomato flakes come in a single 10 lb mylar bag.

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