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White Rice Bucket

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1 - White Rice Bucket (112 Servings)

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Basic preparation is essential to your family's survival in an emergency or natural disaster. This bucket contains 112 servings of instant rice and will help you to be ready. We provide 14 individual eight-serving pouches in each bucket. This provides maximum shelf life from the first serving to the last. With a shelf life of up-to 20 years for each individual pouch, you don't need to worry about opening the bucket and having to use the product all at once. Preparation is easy and convenient. Just add water and boil.

The bucket itself provides added protection, easy storage and portability – and won't reduce the shelf-life of the individual pouches when opened. This rice can provide the proper nutrition needed when emergencies arise. Rice can be added to any meal to for additional calories.

This bucket will be the perfect addition to any pantry or emergency food supply.

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