Brotherhood Storm Brewing in Egypt

Mark 13:8 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.

Beyond the Arab Spring, the outcome of the Egyptian revolution is still uncertain. The new constitution that outlines presidential powers is still not written and there are soldiers stationed outside the parliament doors. One can hardly expect a newly organized system to run smoothly. The old “deep state” became entrenched and some do not want to give up their jobs and power and the ruling military council seems to be tightening their grip as the time to transfer the power comes closer.

Just a few hours after the polls closed and the votes were being counted, the military council drafted a form of constitution granting legislative and budget oversight to the council, as well the right to authorize who will draft the final constitution that outlines presidential powers. The military council also declared the newly formed Muslim dominated parliament unconstitutional and dissolved it.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood have promised to confront the ruling military generals in a “life or death” fight over Egypt’s political future and the military’s constitutional coup.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate for president, Mohamed Morsi seems to have won the runoff election with 52% of the popular vote. The Brotherhood says they will bring millions of Egyptian citizens back on to the streets in protest if the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) continues their attempt to rebuild the old regime.

“Over the past 18 months we were very keen to avoid any clashes or confrontations with other components of Egypt’s political system because we felt that it would have negative consequences for the democratic system and for society as a whole,” said Fatema AbouZeid, who is a senior policy researcher for the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party and a media coordinator for the Morsi campaign. Fatema also said, “But now it’s very clear that SCAF and other institutions of the state are determined to stand in the way of what we’re trying to achieve, and we won’t accept this anymore. Egypt will not go back to the old regime through any means, legal or illegal. If we find that SCAF stands firm against us as we try to fulfill the demands of the revolution, we will go back to the streets and escalate things peacefully to the highest possible stage. Now we have a new factor in Egyptian politics, the Egyptian people themselves, who will not accept a return to the old regime in any form, not after so much Egyptian blood was shed to remove it. The revolution is facing a life or death moment and the Egyptian people have put their faith in Dr. Morsi to represent them at this time.”

Egypt looks like a return to the “OK Corral” for a final showdown. This time it is the generals of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces who have had control for six decades in Egypt and the long-outlawed Islamist movement now on the edge of political control.

The Muslim Brotherhood spilled out into the streets of Cairo to celebrate Egypt’s first presidential race, chanting “Allah is great,” and “down with military rule.”

The opposition team said the Brotherhood’s celebrations were premature and announced their tallies show a win for Shafiq “beyond all doubt.” However according to the latest vote counts it seems to be increasingly likely that Morsi has won and will be the first democratically elected president in Egypt’s history.


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