Israel asks Egypt: Remove Tanks From Sinai

Luke 21:28  “But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

It looks like “overkill” when the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi moves tanks into the Sinai to combat Bedouin tribes. Israel does not see the need for the Egyptian war machine to be parked at their borders either. Egypt is breaking the peace accord with Israel by maintaining military troops and heavy equipment in the Sinai. This buildup was not coordinated with Israel and they are deeply troubled over Egypt’s violation of the 33 year old treaty. The Israeli cabinet did authorize the use of Egyptian helicopter gunships in Sinai to put down the current upheaval of militants in the area. However an official said that the entry of the tanks was not coordinated with Israel, as required under the treaty.

Israel wants to encourage Egypt’s efforts to restore order in the Sinai but not at the jeopardy of their own security. Israel is suspicious of the Brotherhood’s motives for wanting tanks in the Sinai because they have been pressuring the new President Morsi to change the terms of the military aspects of the treaty.

The Sinai Peninsula has been a demilitarized buffer zone to assure Israel that there would be no military move in their direction. But Egypt has been angry for a long time about the treaty restrictions, arguing that restoring security in Sinai, which is a joint Israeli-Egyptian interest after all, requires additional forces and heavier weaponry. The demilitarization of Sinai will be eroded away even though it is the mainstay of the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel.

Communications between Egypt and Israel is not working as well as it did with the old Egyptian regime, but the U.S. has been encouraging the two countries to keep working together, as they have in the past. Never the less, the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty is in trouble and on unstable ground.


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