Syrian Ceasefire Backfires

Matthew 24:6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

More than 60 people have been killed so far this week while the battles continue with Assad forces in Syria. UN observers are on the ground to monitor the truce and oversee the “shaky ceasefire,” but the guns have not stopped sounding.

The ceasefire seems to have backfired. The 300 UN monitors are not only challenged with verification duties but have been attempting to persuade both sides to abide by the UN-Arab League Peace Plan. No one seems to believe this plan is going to work.

“We are Syrian people and our crime is to call for freedom,” says Ahmed al-Aboud. He does not think the government will honor its pledges. There is a feeling spreading across the land that they have been abandoned by the world.

As you travel through the small villages and towns in Syria, you see the buildings that have been flattened and countless homes that were looted and burned. “They will kill all of us,” one man cried out from a distance. A disfigured man approached saying, government forces captured him, beat him, shot him and finally set him on fire, leaving him for dead. He pulled his robe to one side, clearly showing two bullet marks. Another man said, “I am not afraid, I will sacrifice my soul and my life to get rid of Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s President.” His defiance is typical of the people in the Idlib Area, but needless to say – they are afraid.

Each new day brings fresh accusations of government attacks and stories of people suspected of belonging to the rebel Free Syrian Army being rounded up and killed. Activists have been detained and tortured and many innocent civilians have also lost their lives.

The armed insurrection of deeply concerned citizens has been no match against the overwhelming firepower of the Assad regime. However, the popular rebellion seems to be undiminished. The government withdrawal of military forces in some areas has permitted people to take to the streets once again. Some have little or nothing left in material goods, but they gather together and sing in the name of freedom with a strong desire to overthrow the family that has ruled over them for generations.


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