Syrian Chemical Weapons on the Move

Rev 6:3-4 NCV When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come!" Then another horse came out, a red one. Its rider was given power to take away peace (prosperity, rest) from the earth and to make people kill each other (butcher, slaughter, to maim violently, in streets), and he was given a big sword (assassins sword, terrorist, loud, mighty, sore afraid).

“One of the ominous concerns on the minds of National Security leaders is the possibility of terrorists smuggling into the U.S. some sort of deadly germ warfare to create a national biohazard, the spread of a virus against which our bodies could not defend.”

-Jim Bakker in "Prosperity and the Coming Apocalypse"

The United States believes that Syria is moving part of the world’s largest stockpile of chemical weapons. Officials are very concerned over the movement of sarin nerve agent, mustard gas and cyanide. They say it shows intent to use the weapons; others say Assad is safeguarding them. Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak voiced his concern over the possible transfer of unconventional and advanced weaponry from the embattled Syrian regime to the Hezbollah terrorist group.

Some also fear Assad may want to use the weapons against rebels or civilians.

The Assad government has in the past denied having weapons of mass destruction, but now the Syrian government denies their chemical stockpiles are being moved.

Former Israeli Mossad head Danny Yatom, referring to the threat of Hezbollah obtaining chemical weapons, says that Israel could go to war over Syria’s chemical weapons. If President Bashar al-Assad falls, Israel may be forced to go to war in order to prevent this “doomsday” scenario. “We would have to pre-empt it in order to prevent it.”

There are four sites in Syria that produce chemical weapons, Hama, Latakia, Al Safira near Aleppo, and laboratories in Damascus. Storage sites have also been identified. Intelligence sources believe biological weapons are being stored in the Syrian town of Cerin, and that there are several civilian pharmaceutical laboratories capable of producing bio-weapons such as botulism and anthrax.

Al-Qaida organizations known to be operating inside Syria have urged the rebels to seize Syria’s chemical weapons. The conflicts have been occurring all around the areas where the chemical weapons are produced and stored and are subject to break-ins by rebels.

The deadly chemicals have been successfully “weaponized,” meaning that warheads have been mounted with delivery systems for conventional missiles. These missiles are capable of hitting any target inside Israel and Intelligence sources estimate that Syrian backed Hezbollah has an arsenal of more than 40,000 missiles.


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