Teetering on the Edge of War

The 2012 official London Olympics website showed Israel as a country without a capital, while Jerusalem was listed as the capital of Palestine! The mistake has now been corrected to show Jerusalem as both their capital cities.

The International Olympic Committee, however, rejected a request from the families of the Israeli athletes who were murdered by Arab terrorists at the 1972 Munich Games to organize an official commemoration on their behalf. The committee did not want to upset Arab countries by even mentioning the tragedy. Ankie Spitzer’s husband, Andre, was one of the eleven Israelis killed at the Olympics in Munich. She said, “They tell us that the Arab delegations will get up and leave,” to which she replied: “It’s okay; if they don’t understand what the Olympics are all about, let them leave.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel would be very quick to tell you that Jerusalem is indeed the capital of Israel, that is where you will find the Knesset, the ruling body of Israel.

The political arena in the Knesset is all abuzz this week with elections being moved up from 2013 to September 4, 2012. There are more than a couple reasons for this political move. Netanyahu is very popular right now in the public-opinion polls so his “Likud Party” is taking advantage of the Israeli leader’s commanding lead and popularity.

Netanyahu’s stand is that Israel’s election has to take place before the war with Iran begins. The Israeli government is reluctant to send their potential voters to bomb shelters during a political campaign. Therefore, the Iranian War has to fall after Israel’s election in September and before the U.S. presidential election in November. Israel needs the U.S. to support their war efforts and the present U.S. administration needs the Jewish vote to win.

Another possible cause of an early election in Israel is the controversial “Tal Law,” which exempts ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students from mandatory military service. This law was declared unconstitutional in February and will expire in August, forcing the government to deal with this explosive issue of registering these conscientious objectors for Israeli Army service.

Israel has just received its fourth German-made submarine capable of launching nuclear warheads, expanding a fleet that experts say could be used in an attack on Iran. The boat is equipped to carry Israel-made cruise missiles with a range of 1,500 km, giving Israel “second-strike” abilities in case of a nuclear attack.

Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak warns that a nuclear Iran is more dangerous than a pre-emptive attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Barak said to journalists, “I believe it is well understood in Washington as well as in Jerusalem that as long as there is an existential threat to our people, all options to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons should remain on the table. I have enough experience to know that a military option is not a simple one. It would be complicated with certain associated risks. But a radical Islamic Republic of Iran with nuclear weapons would be far more dangerous both for the region and, indeed, the world.”

The United States has already made their intentions known in the Persian Gulf by maintaining two aircraft carriers in the region. Central Command is increasing the number of mine-detection ships and helicopters in that area in order to keep the strategic Strait of Hormuz open.

The U.S. Air Force recently dispatched its premier penetrating strike fighter, the F-22 Raptor, to a base in the United Arab Emirates, across the Gulf from Iran. The Pentagon believes it can destroy or significantly degrade Iran’s conventional armed forces in about three weeks using air and sea strikes.

And yet even on another front, there are nationwide protests in Jordan. Muslim Brotherhood Islamist activists urged Amman to cut ties with the Jewish state. They burned Israeli flags and chanted “Death, death to Israel,” demanding an end to the country’s 18-year-old Wadi Araba peace treaty with Israel.


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  1. There can be No Peace until everyone recognises the Prince of Peace! Nice to know that one day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He and He alone is King! Come Lord Jesus, Yeshua, Messiah!

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