Urgent: Behind the Closed Doors – Israel’s Cabinet in Lockdown Mode

The door opened briefly to Israel’s cabinet room in central Jerusalem. This inner sanctum is located at the end of a long hallway between Netanyahu’s office and the office of his top military advisor. The rumor is they are discussing one of the most momentous decisions of our lifetime. The rumor is war!

Iran is in defiance of international law with their nuclear program. A nuclear Iran will be a direct threat to the very existence of Israel. The West is convinced that Tehran’s real goal is to develop an atomic bomb, so as Iran races toward its goal of a nuclear weapon, Israel is planning their response.

Hanging on a wall in Netanyahu’s office is a large map of the Middle East. Israel lies on one edge and Iran is taking a center position. Experts are telling the P.M. that if Israel is going to move, the time is now. There is not much time left before Iran has relocated their nuclear operation deep underground at the Fordow Mountain facility near Tehran. After this transition has been accomplished, the chances of a successful mission by the Israeli Air Force would be next to miraculous. That is why Iran has been playing for time and is going along with the U.N. and their upcoming meetings in Baghdad, even though they are openly defying the International Nuclear Energy Agency.

In Israel, decisions are being made behind closed doors. “The top of the government has gone into lockdown,” one official said. “Nobody is saying anything publicly. That in itself tells you a lot about where things stand.” Israeli officials and the stance of the military have changed. Comments are more guarded and it has become more difficult to discern Israel’s true intentions.

“I think they have made a decision to attack,” reported a senior Israeli figure that is close to the leadership. “It is going to happen. The window of opportunity is before the U.S. presidential election in November. This way they will bounce the Americans into supporting them.”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas went so far as to predict in an interview with Reuters last week that it would be “the end of the world,” if Israel attacked Iran.

“I think they’ve gone into lockdown mode now,” a senior Western diplomat said. “Whatever happens next, whatever they decide, we will not find out until it happens.”

4 thoughts on “Urgent: Behind the Closed Doors – Israel’s Cabinet in Lockdown Mode

  1. I’m praying for you Jim. I’m so thankful that you are one watchman on the wall who is trustworthy.

  2. IF GOD BE FOR YOU, WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU? Remember, the Lord of Hosts is guiding your every move, and the world only sees things in the natural, however we, as Christ followers move in the Supernatural. Let Jehovah God arise and His enemies be scattered.

  3. She is right do not trust our government. Iam always praying for you and love Israel Do what you have to protect your selves. YOUR GOD IS WITH YOU ALWAYS.

  4. I am a Christian and I love the people of Israel. I am also an American and I am begging you to not trust our government with any secrets you don’t want out or for anything else that we have promised you for many many years. Our president isn’t holding up our promises to Israel unfortunately.
    Please know there are many of us Christians praying for you daily. I am praying that the LORD will keep my sister country of Israel in a bubble of protection through these perilous times.

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