Waste of Precious Time

Ehud Barak, Israel’s Defense Minister was asked if Israel had promised not to attack Iran while international talks continued. Barak answered, “We didn’t promise anything. We are not part of the international talks. Our positions are known to the Americans.”

The talks are scheduled to resume in Bagdad on May 23rd. But Israel’s Defense Minister stated, it was a “waste of precious time.” Israel is most concerned about limiting the Iranians’ uranium enrichment program. “Our preference would be for them to completely halt enrichment, but low-grade enrichment, to a degree of 3.5 percent, presents no serious danger.” We really need to see Iran close the underground nuclear facility in Qom, Barak insisted.

Meanwhile, in the southern port city of Bandar-Abbas, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s car was rushed by angry citizens complaining. Some screamed, “I’m hungry. I’m hungry.” A young woman climbed aboard the president’s car and sat down on the roof within inches of the Ahmadinejad’s face, who was standing through a sun roof waving at the people in the crowded streets. She talks to him about their hardships and he appears to listen, then after a moment, apparently he tells her to move on, and she slid off the back of his vehicle.

Perhaps the international sanctions are reaching the upper echelons of power in Iran? Will it do any good? Time will tell.


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