Steve Strang

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Steve Strang is the publisher and founder of Charisma magazine. Charisma, is now celebrating it’s 40th anniversary and has been a trusted source of news, teaching and inspiration to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

This husband and father is an award-winning journalist, entrepreneur, businessman and author. Steve is also founder and president of Charisma Media, which in addition to Charisma, publishes Ministry Today, the Spanish magazine Vida Cristiana, New Man, Spiritled Woman and Christian Retailing. His Orlando, Fla.,-based company also includes Charisma House, Siloam, Creation House, Casa Creación, Realms, and FrontLine, plus many other innovative products that have earned a reputation as the world’s leading charismatic publisher.

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Carl Palmer


Carl Palmer has been the President, CEO e Diretor da Seychelle desde janeiro 1998. Ele é o fundador e inovação em toda a linha de produtos de purificação de água Seychelles. Ele também é um especialista reconhecido internacionalmente no campo de purificação de água para mais de 40 anos, e ele foi pioneiro no desenvolvimento da osmose reversa (RO) casa e de negócios água escritório em os EUA no final dos anos 1970.

Carl desenvolvido membrana CTA, um desenvolvimento tecnológico inovador na indústria e, posteriormente,, empresas de água pura criados e vendidos a Coca Cola-Los Angeles, AMF, CUNO e Shaklee. No final de 1980, Carl desenvolveu o negócio Melhor RO Água para Shaklee e vendeu mais de $53 milhões em sistemas de above-the-counter em um ano.

Carl de 40 anos de experiência de vendas diretas tem levado a muitas relações comerciais significativas, muitos dos quais continuam hoje. Ele é o inventor de treze produtos patenteados relacionadas com a purificação da água. Senhor. Palmer recebeu um Bacharel de Whittier College.

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Michael Snyder


Best known for his work as the publisher of “The Economic Collapse Blog”, Michael Snyder believes that a great awakening is coming and is working hard to help bring renewal to America.

Michael is also the author of the book “The Beginning Of The End” and “Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It”

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Bob Cornuke


Bob Cornuke would have to be described as a biblical adventurer. With experience as a former police investigator, SWAT team member, International explorer, lecturer and biblical investigator, along with a Ph.D in Bible and theology, he has authored nine books.

Senhor. Cornuke has participated in over fifty expeditions around the world searching for lost locations described in the Bible. His latest book relocates the site of Solomon’s temple completely off the temple mount and places it in the city of David. This research effort is astounding Bible students world wide.

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Dr.. Paul Williams


Dr.. Paul Williams has organized and led medical teams in a number of major world disasters since the early 1990’s. His experiences during his more than 25 years in medical missions in 105 nations gives him a very unique perspective on world events and human suffering, including in the United States.

Whether man-made or natural, the word “disaster” seems to be more and more a part of our lives. Dr.. Williams felt a calling to write “When All Plans Fail” to challenge individual believers and churches to become prepared for disasters so that they may be the “Salt and Light” the Bible speaks about during times of crisis.

Hubie Synn


Known for his prophetic gifting, Hubie has seen the miraculous take place in the lives of those he’s ministered to including New York Times best-selling author of The Harbinger, Jonathan Cahn.

Glenda Jackson

Event Glenda Jackson

Glenda Jackson is a powerful prophet and healing evangelist of the Lord, called to the nations. She moves in signs, wonders and miracles to glorify Jesus. Originally from Manteca, Califórnia, Glenda’s ministry was established in 1974 and she has been a missionary evangelist ever since. Her primary focus from 1974 through 2007 was ministry to the Native American people, the American Indians.

God uses her powerfully through very accurate prophetic words and powerful impartations of Faith working through Love. She is full of faith, fearless, and strong. Everywhere she goes, she fills the room with joy and laughter and has a great sense of humor.

Dr.. Jim Cesar


Family practitioner in Branson, MO. Tem 34 years of experience in emergency, urgent care and family practice. Both Dr. Cesar and his wife, Tracie, a formally trained nurse, feel a special calling to help teach people to survive calamity.