Ready NOW Expo Fall 2014

Ready NOW Expo

Join us at Morningside for the Ready NOW Expo October 20th-24th, 2014. Each day is filled with tapings of The Jim Bakker Show along with seminars, demonstrations and meet & greets with our special guests.

ADMISSION IS FREE. If you would like to attend, please pre-register below. You can also pre-register for this event by calling 888-988-1588 or 417-779-9000 and speak to one of our Partner Service representatives.

Daily Schedule

9:00am – Seminar / Door Prizes

10:30am – Pre-Show with Tammy Sue & Kevin / Music & Door Prizes

11:30am – The Jim Bakker Show Taping

4:00pm – Seminar

7:00pm - Evening Speaker

View Calendar Dates for Complete Schedule

Special Jim Bakker Show Guests Include:

Dr. William Forstchen - October 20th

Pastor John Kilpatrick - October 22nd

William Koenig - October 23rd

John Shorey – October 24th


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30 thoughts on “Ready NOW Expo

    • Condos are available for nightly rentals. Please be aware that condo rentals are limited, so you need to make your reservation as soon as possible. Condo reservations can be made by calling 479-228-2257.

  1. Where can I send to get the “junk mans” news letter, I mis porions of the stream due to tech difficulties and caring for my aging parent and I missed out on it if he gave it. Thank you

    • Bill Whaley’s “Junkman Chronicles” newsletter is $20 for 6 Issues. You can send you’re information (Name, Address, Phone Number and Email) along with cash or a money order to:
      The Junkman Chronicles
      C/O Surviving Christian Ministries
      PO Box 112 Freeburg IL 62243

  2. For those of us who can not go to the expo, Will these tapings be on the Jim Baker show on Television? And if so when will they be on the air?

    • The tapings of the Jim Bakker Show from the Expo will begin airing on March 20 with John Shorey. To receive all of the seminars throughout the event as well as the unedited versions of the Jim Bakker Show, you will need to order the Ready NOW Expo DVD. This DVD set will be available soon.

  3. I would love to come over there for every day but can’t. :( I will have children home from school on spring break. It will still be a blessing to be able to come.

  4. I would love to come! I live in Indiana and my husband works, so I would have my 6 and 3 year old. Is there some kind of childcare during these shows? I feel silly asking this, but I was just curious. :)

    • Unfortunately, childcare will not be provided during the Expo. However, we will have a nursery room available for parents to use if needed.

  5. Which days will the taping take place? I remember hearing that they do not tape all five days of the week. Can’t wait to meet Jim and Lori and Tammy Sue (most beautiful female voice I have ever heard – and I’m not a spring chicken!) and Kevin, and Zack and everyone! Looking sooo forward to being there!

    • Yes, we will offer a complete DVD set of the entire Ready NOW Expo including all seminars and show tapings. This even will also be streamed on our website. However, we will not be able to stream the 9am seminars.

    • Yes, we will be offering a complete DVD set of the event including all seminars and show tapings. You will also be able to view the event while it’s happening on our live stream. However, we will not be able to stream the 9am seminars.

  6. We have made RV reservations and are taking our (new to us, “oldie but goldie” 1999 RV) we just purchased on it’s virgin tour to return to Morningside and we can’t wait! Pray for no snow. Love to all!!!!

    • At this time, we do not have a final schedule. We hope to have this information updated soon. Continue to check this page for updates regarding the schedule.

  7. Hello, what are the times for the conference dates? Do the tapings and seminars take place in the morning, afternoon or evening? thanks

    • Each day’s schedule is as follows:
      9:00am – Seminar & Raffle
      11:00am – Pre-Show with Tammy Sue & Kevin / Music & Raffles
      11:30am – The Jim Bakker Show Taping
      3:00pm – Seminar
      5:00pm – Seminar

    • There are RV spaces and Condos available. Reservations for our RV Park can be made by calling 417-779-9246. You can also make reservations for one of the condos here at Morningside by calling 479-228-2257 or 417-779-2370.

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