Lori’s House

“A religion that is pure and stainless according to God the Father is this: to take care of orphans and widows who are suffering, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.” James 1:27 ISV

We believe that in the coming days, there is nothing more important than caring for the unborn and the orphans. I can never go back and restore my children that I aborted so many years ago when I was living a sinful life, but I can go forward and help others make right decisions to give the gift of life.

I have never been more excited or more sure about building “Lori’s House” here at Morningside. This is the ministry for which I was called out of darkness into lightto take the stick which the devil beat me with and beat him back!

When I think about my life and purpose in the Kingdom of God, I know this is the “religion” I can live and die for. There is no doubt, there is no hesitation, that caring for the unborn and the orphans is a purpose that is perfect before the Lord.

I want my life to count for something. I want to help young girls navigate through all the circumstances and pain surrounding a difficult situation of an untimely pregnancy, and help them to make a right decision to give life to the innocent. That’s something of VALUE I can do in this life that will carry on into eternity.

- Lori Bakker


Today, in this day of unrestrained abortion of epidemic proportion, we have an even more pronounced opportunity to help young mothers make the right decisions about giving the gift of life to their unborn babies. So many babies have been murdered in the womb by this lawless generation, and it’s time now for the Church to stand up and do all that we can to help give life.

We are very excited that we are planning to build a home here at Morningside for unwed mothers called “Lori’s House”. This is a fulfillment of many prophecies given to Lori, and the plan of God to use all the bad in her life for good in these Last Days.

We have received the commission in a prophetic word by Cindy Jacobs to buildLori’s Houseand we are going to do it with your help! “Lori’s Housewill be a safe place for girls and young women to come and have all their needs met while the little child within them grows strong enough to one day take its first breath. That life may go on to use that breath to glorify God and declare His love to a lost and dying world!


Most of you know about the times of my life, nearly 25 years ago now, when there was great destruction and ruin that surrounded the ministry of PTL. Anyone with access to a newspaper or television back then, saw the devastation of Heritage USA and witnessed the carnage of all that was built there… or so it seemed.

Though the world saw only devastation and ruin, there is much more to the ‘end of the story’.

At Heritage USA, the partners who gave faithfully made it possible to build a home for unwed mothers. There were many young women and girls who came there to live while their babies were growing and developing safely in their wombs. The girls were cared for with all their needs met in that safe place until the time they delivered their babies.

Through the home for unwed mothers at Heritage USA, these babies were given the gift of life instead of issued the sentence of death in an abortion clinic. I still hear quite often about someone who was born there at the home and what they are doing today. These now adult young people and sometimes their birth mothers, often express their gratitude for the provision they received which allowed them to make the right decisions. There are people who live today because we did what we could back then, and those who made that possible will receive a reward in heaventhe Bible tells us so!

- Пастор Джим Баккер


We are going to build “Lori’s House” right here in Peaceful Valley at Morningside. We need your help. Just as those who helped Heritage USA’s home for unwed mothers are seeing the fruits of their labors in living beings who are precious to God, you can now sow into the lives of those yet to be born, those whom God has designed to be here on this earth in the Last Days.

We can do much more together than any of us could do alone. Some people say well Lori, you can’t save them all. No, but the Lord values each and every lifeand we will save those we can. We need your help to do all that we can for the orphans and the innocent. Remember, “when you giveyour Father in heaven sees everything and will reward you.” Мэтью 6

We have several ways that you can be a part of the miracle ofLori’s House“:

Give a One Time Donation in the amount of your choice

Become a Lori’s House Builders Club member with a gift of $1000

Become a partner with us today and help to save and restore lives!