Revelation On Grace Street With Rabbi Cahn!

Rabbi Jonathan CahnIt was a morning of sheer ‘Revelation’ on Grace Street at Morningside as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn shared what the Lord has been doing in his life since the book “The Harbinger” was launched on the Jim Bakker Show on January 2, 2012, Pastor Jim’s birthday. “The Harbinger” remains on the New York Times bestseller list for the 28th week in a row and has now sold over 600,000 copies!

After catching up on current life events, the Rabbi and Pastor Jim began to share about the world situation and how despite all of the warnings the Lord is so graciously giving to this country, we continue to arrogantly defy Him and refuse to repent of our sins. The Rabbi said that America has more to answer to God for than any other nation (except Israel) because it was founded on Godly principles – the same principles that it now has turned its back on.

They were amazed at how much the world is now calling evil good, и добро злом. The current news events and persecutions surrounding Chick-Fil-A and Brad Pitt’s mother who have taken a public stand for traditional marriage and against abortion portray a nation who has lost their moral compass. Pastor Jim said that everyone used to know there was a wrong and a right, but now they have pushed God out of the way and everything that is right is called wrong, and everything that is wrong is called right!

Pastor Jim said that he was convinced that the church today is like the Laodicean Church in Revelation that is completely asleep! He believes that the dark is getting darker and when it does, the Light must get Lighter! He then shared that “The Harbinger” is a wake-up call but it’s up to those who will listen. Rabbi Cahn believes there is still hope for America. He said “If there was no hope for America, there would be no Harbinger!"

Rabbi Cahn then shared about the mysteries surrounding a traditional Hebrew marriage and how they prophetically parallel the Church as the Bride of Christ and the Bridegroom, Иисус. The Bridegroom who returns for the Bride after she makes herself ready is a major theme in the teaching. He said we may be in this temporary house, but we are not of it. The Bridegroom is coming back for us and that is Good News!

The Rabbi admonished everyone to stay faithful because we are the Betrothed. We are going to step out of this life and into the everlasting life with the Bridegroom – and He will wipe away every tear! We are not heading for death, no matter what we see happening all around us in this world – we are headed for marriage!

Pastor Jim shared a dream in which he saw people going to a wedding but some were dressed appropriately and some were just dressed casually! The people in his dream were aware of a wedding but were ornery and mean and demanding food and drink! He was grieved by the dream because it seems like there is no clear call to be ready – and no clear signal that the wedding is soon! The prophetic application of this dream is that the Bride must be focused on the Bridegroom and she must make herself ready for the wedding!

Pastor Jim shared that there is so much spiritual warfare necessary to be ready, but it’s all worth it and it is used to prepare us. He said the “Valley of Trouble” is the “Door of Hope” if you keep your eyes on heaven. He recalled that when he was walking in the prison yard, the prison and everything around him disappeared as he worshiped God and focused on Jesus.

Later in the day, Pastor Jim and Rabbi Cahn recapped the Harbingers and showed clips from a documentary video produced by World Net Daily that shows video proof of the revelations in The Harbinger.

Rabbi Cahn brought the revelation of Luke 11 to Pastor Jim and those in attendance. Лука 11 contains the lesson from Jesus regarding the unclean spirit that left a person. It wanders and finds others more evil than itself and returns to find the house in order. That means the person will be worse off…having to deal with more evil…than they did in the first place.

Rabbi pointed out that America is in a place of being like that person. America doesn’t have the level of persecution of Christians that we see around the world. Christians in America haven’t had to deal with the levels of evil that our brothers and sisters in Christ have seen around the world. Однако, because the nation is continually refusing to turn to God, the demons are going to be coming back and things will be worse for America.

“It’s worse to go away from God having known God,” Rabbi Cahn said.

Pastor Jim and Rabbi Cahn then touched on some of the topics coming with tomorrow’s events at Morningside including things Rabbi Cahn has never shared on television! It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

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