Avian Flu Study Finally And Fully Published

Оборот 6:7-8 НТС И когда Он снял четвертую печать, Я слышал голос четвертого животного, говорящий, "Приходите!" Я посмотрел, и там передо мной, конь бледный. Его всадник, которому имя смерть, и ад следовал за ним по пятам. Им дали власть над четвертой части земли, чтобы убивать людей на войне, от голода, по болезни, и диких животных на земле.

"I now understand how the animals will precipitate the potential deaths of a quarter of our world's population."

-Jim Bakker in "Prosperity and the Coming Apocalypse"

After endless toing and froing over whether two studies that demonstrated how bird flu, also known as avian H5N1 influenza, or avian flu, should be published, one of them has appeared in the latest issue of the journal Nature in its entirety.

The studies show how the bird flu virus could become transmissible from mammal-to-mammal; as humans are mammals, the same would apply to humans.


Источник: Medical News TodayAvian Flu Study Finally And Fully Published

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