On TV: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn & Hubie Synn

23 Oct 2013 - 00:00

One thought on “On TV: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn & Hubie Synn

  1. Hello,
    I have been attempting to write to you all for awhile now, but thought you would find me a bit off the wall. However, after watching the past week with Rabbi Cahn and Hubie Synn, I know God is helping me to write this down in a way that you will understand. Praise Jesus for his message.
    My husband and I have been following God’s plan for us for many years….I have always felt Jewish-baptized at birth a Lutheran and my husband a Catholic, yet we have come to realize it was questions with the denominations, and “what” we are. God had given us a message to Go Back??
    We thought He meant back home-I’m from South Dakota- and we were living in a suburb of Chicago. So we packed up the farm and moved to a strange SMALL TOWN in Minnesota about 3 years ago.
    We came to find the SMALL TOWN had over 11 churches in the 2000 or so people in it, but one of the churches was showing a film one evening and we decided to attend.
    I can only explain the reaction by the both of us after seeing the Harbinger that first time……We laughed, we cried and felt as though Jesus knew we “FINALLY GOT IT”. And He has been showing me things ever since!
    The first CD I received from Rabbi Cahn was an explanation of Grafting In of Ruth….
    Mind you, we had read the bible before, but it was very difficult to understand. My husband started obtaining bible study books, CD, DVDs anything he could get his hands on… and we read, listened and watched.
    One day flipping the channels I found Rabbi Cahn sitting with you and Lori….Hmmm? After that I would randomly flip and find Rabbi Cahn on another and then another program?? We kept learning more and more.

    After watching your show these last 2 days with Hubie Synn, I actually feel like I did watching the Harbinger. I laughed and cried at the same time, in fact I can’t stop crying!! When Hubie proffecied about someone living in a small town wondering what they are doing? HELLO!!!!

    We THANK GOD each and every day for blessing us with the ability to see and hear His voice, and for all of you who can see and hear as well.
    May God Bless Each of You,
    Cindy & Lee Piekarz

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