Are Muslims Taking Over London?

London has seen a slow, methodical Muslim takeover through the years. The radical Islamists now spout words of treason openly in the streets, stating they obey no law but Islamic law. Fifty years ago there was hardly any Islamic presence in Old London Town – that’s when I first visited there.

I found the Londoners to be friendly and helpful on my first visit abroad. I returned to London twenty years ago to discover there were areas of Muslim habitation, but they seemed to be good people going about their daily lives and their own traditions. However, I did feel there was a spiritual oppression over this land.

In 2005, I once more found myself in the U.K. and was shocked at the difference. There were Muslim Restaurants, bookstores and little Islamic shops everywhere with many Muslim women dressed in their traditional garb. They wore Hijab veils and draped their bodies in black Burqa robes. I felt like I must have been in a Muslim country, not in jolly ol’ England.

I remember thinking at the time, these people don’t even need to take over with a military coup.  It looked to me as though they were now in the majority and could simply take over by popular vote.

Then, today I saw a youtube video, made about a young lady from Calgary, Canada. She recently returned to her hometown, London. I really was taken aback by her statements and confrontations with some of the radical Islamic men and women in a protest march on the London streets. She was confronted by one man who continued to point his finger in her face, over and over. She responded by saying, “I am not afraid of you.”

In the background I could hear angry threats echoing up and down the city streets and bouncing off the buildings. “To hell with the British police,” was their cry and “Hands off Muslims!” What must have been a cleric approached her saying “If the law of the land is Islamic, we respect the law. If the law is not Islamic, then those who made that law will burn in hell. We are told in the Quran; ‘Do not obey the unbelievers and the hypocrites.’ We only obey Islamic law. All other lawmakers are on their way to hell fire.”

In this present day, Christians are actually being arrested for insulting Islam. What about the Muslims who insult Christianity and Jesus the Living Christ? Should we throw them in jail too? What ever happened to free speech?

I know, I know, Jesus told us in the last days we would be persecuted and put to death and that we would be hated by all nations because of Him (Luke 19, John 16.) We are seeing the beginning of sorrows.

There is a kettle on the fire, filled to the brim. The fire has been turned up and will soon boil-over.  This will be a time like has never been before.

We all need to wake up and observe what is going on in England and elsewhere in our world. Who is behind the Middle East’s problems? Who was it that attacked the U.S. on 9/11? Who makes up the terrorists groups around the world? The list goes on. Do we all worship the same God? I don’t think so! Allah is not the god I serve. Is Jesus the only way to the Father, God? Jesus said He was!

We are being ‘hood-winked’ into thinking that it can’t really happen here. Just look at the world around you! Remember “First the Saturday people and then the Sunday people.” The radical Muslim Islamic Agenda, is Jerusalem first, then Washington, D.C.

Radical Muslims are not only taking over London, they want to take over the world for Allah, not the God of Abraham.

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