Building of the Third Temple

An artist's impression of the future Third Temple Notice the temple Holy Place aligning up perfectly with the Eastern Gate and across to the Mount of Olives.

Building of the Third Temple, a Special Report . . .

The Temple Institute in Jerusalem is dedicated to raising public awareness in preparation for the building of the Third Temple. There are many varied opinions and reasons to build the Third Temple in Jerusalem. The Orthodox Jews say the Third Temple will be built after the Messiah comes, Christians believe that the Third Temple is the Tribulation Temple and see that time slot as the beginning of Daniel’s last 31/2 years (the Great Tribulation of God’s wrath).

Some say that a peace treaty will have to come about between the Arabs and the Israelis first. This would be an agreement where all can share the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, in Peace.

Today the fragile peace that prevails on the Temple Mount grows more and more tenuous to this hour. Certain groups are clearly preparing to build a Third Temple. Parts of the Israeli Government are determined to keep things as they are. Some Christians who take their New Testament literally believe the Third Temple will indeed soon be rebuilt and the status quo is bound to change.

The power and influence of a billion Muslims are committed not only to maintain control of the Temple Mount, but desire to conquer all of Israel and then the world in the name of Allah. Bible believers know how the story will end, but the unfolding of this story is exciting to watch.

The four-ton cornerstone has already been prepared for the building of the Third Temple. Most Orthodox Jewish believers in Jerusalem who are working towards the building of the Third Temple believe that the Ark of the Covenant is safely hidden in a chamber under the Temple Mount. They feel certain God has preserved the Ark for 25 centuries and that it will be available when the Temple is restored.

3 thoughts on “Building of the Third Temple

  1. Hey ya’ll:

    Had to step out for a spell. Death been happening all around & I find myself very involved with such this year.

    How about this:
    All is & has been ready for the complete supplying of the third Temple for over a decade now. And this is all the way to the sacrificial instraments, clothing, & even the highly purified red heffers (At least the DNA for such had been purified / created back in the late 1990s.). Everything. So all that is needed is the building / Temple. I mean the identities of those who qualify so to function within the structure of the Temple are recorded; and they have been trained up so to do so. Wow!
    And what better way for the Temple to be 100% built & functional along side a continuing functioning mosk than for a “mesiah” of both (& documented, I might add) Jewish & muslem blood-line. So if the Jewish leadership & the muslem leadership both honor & respect such an individual (& look to him as a “mesiah?), then why wouldn’t the Temple be re-built right there with the muslem temple??? Why not?
    And that the orthodox Jews will only re-build the Temple AFTER the mesiah is revealed tells me that perhaps this anti-christ dude is to be around (& recognized by those with the eyes to see) a bit longer than the initial 3 & ½ years we’ve decided upon. What if he comes along, gets the muslems & Jews to somehow “understand” &/or “accept” the other so the third Temple can get re-built. (Not going off on a rabbit trail here, yet didn’t Paul tell us that people can entertain demons? And so doesn’t the muslem belief system pertain with the entertaining of demons? And isn’t Mr. anti-christ the head master of demons? So if Mr. anti-christ steps up & tells the muslem leadership to cool it so the Jews can re-build a Temple {& thereby I / he / it can be worshiped in it}, then why not? I mean how do you think that false signs & mirracles work?)

    These words are NOT a thus saith the LORD, nor are they found exactly within the Bible –I think. These are simply words / ideas I toss at the wall to see it they stick. Puzzel pieces, perhaps.

    So what do ya’ll think?

    Because of Jesus,

  2. The King is indeed coming! AMEN, AMEN & AMEN!! Sing in the streets and shout….we are ready and the KING is coming! Thank you Brother Jim and thank you Daniel for keeping on top of things as they unfold!

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