Food Police on the Move

New York Mayor Bloomberg’s administration gives a whole new meaning to the term, “food police.” A city task force is blocking donations of food to the homeless. The Health Department and the City Department of Homeless Services recently started enforcing new nutritional rules for food served at city shelters. Their reasoning is they cannot assess the nutritional content of food donated by good Samaritans. Really?

The practice of donating surplus foods from the churches and synagogues to homeless shelters has been common in New York City, but that was in the days of yore. We now face a new future. A very uncertain future when it comes to feeding the hungry with ordinary food.

The New York City government wants to dictate serving sizes as well as salt, fat and calorie contents, plus fiber minimums and the amount of sugar content. Really? Wouldn’t any nutrition be better than none at all?

We are also seeing the end of farmers selling their own goods at a fruit and vegetable stand next to a rural road or in a farmer’s market. And, in the future, kids will, more than likely, not even be allowed to run their own lemonade stands. After all, what evil could lurk in those little paper cups? Really?

And, what in the world is going to happen to all the “FRESH EGGS” signs in the front yards of small rural farms? Heaven forbid that all the chickens have to grow up at a corporate farm, shot full of hormones and other weird growth enhancers.

You may remember another recent high-profile food police case: when a North Carolina pre-kindergarten teacher’s aide took away a 4-year-old’s home-packed lunch last month because it didn’t contain a vegetable. It did contain a turkey and cheese sandwich, a fruit snack, and a goodie… but alas, no veggie = no good! Instead, the youngster was given a wholesome school luncheon featuring chicken nuggets. Really?

There is no good reason to turn away the kind of charity that provides the needy with food to eat. Where can all this be going?

In the Last Days, the Bible says there will be no food to eat. I always thought this was because it would be scarce, and I still believe that will be the biggest part of it. But, could it be that food will just be “disqualified” by the food police because it doesn’t meet the qualifications as set forth by whom?


If that’s the case, the food police will be very busy monitoring the average family.

4 thoughts on “Food Police on the Move

  1. There appears to be much going in America in regards to “food policing” and also in regards to “natural supplement policing”. The enemy is trying to make everything that is good, bad, and everything that is bad, good. Be aware…stock up food and on natural medicine, etc. Will we have to hide our food gardens?? It is alarming what is going on. Be aware, be aware, be aware!

  2. No person in their right mind would want to stop normal availablity to fresh healthy foods. It is a Nazi plot. God Almigthy is an agricultural God, from the beginning of time loves fresh foods and gardening. The devil hates fresh foods and anything else that keeps humans healthy. God said that men will beat their weapons of war into tools of agriculture. It is time we rise up in Jesus name and stop the satanic war against our health, and food supply.

  3. Incredible….food is food if you are starving or cannot buy any because you have no money. I know in Orlando there was a controversy about the homeless being fed in public places.I wonder what the very people who are against the homeless in NYC getting food that is not exactly”perfect in nutrients and proportions”would feel if they were in the shoes of someone who is in need of food and their stomach was growling and they had no food, I wonder what would they feel if they were told, that they could not have the food donated to places who could help them eat…
    The idea that we could no longer see farm stands and such is sad….it appears that liability may be an issue..maybe they are concerned someone could get sick if the conditions were not totally “perfect” or maybe there is just going to be an over abundance of regulation.People lived for years buying farm fresh eggs and fresh vegetables from the garden…I know you have to fertilize food when it is growing..I wonder…will manure be concerned as not allowable too ? After all, it must have e-coli in it….hmm .
    In my opinion if someone or a store or whatever wants to donate food to help others,then why prohibit it…after all , it could one day be yourself in need , and it could be you were told…no we cannot give you food..

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