Friend or Foe?


J.F.K. where are you when we need you? We are facing another Missile Crisis, worse than the one of October 1962. This time around, the missiles are more powerful than ever before. Shouldn’t someone be saying, “Not on my watch, you don’t!”

Russia had a nuclear submarine in the Gulf of Mexico recently for over a week (undetected) and according to CBC News, Russian incursions near Alaskan airspace and inside the air defense identification zone have occurred on numerous occasions, without so much as an official complaint. NORAD used to watch out for a potential nuclear attack from the Soviet Union. But times have changed.

Now NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is inviting a group of Russian officers to train alongside our U.S. and Canadian counterparts in responding to simulated terrorist hijackings or attacks from above the Arctic Circle.

Do we not find it alarming? Russia is developing a secret project involving sea-based missiles and space-defense systems in the Atlantic, capable of shooting down our satellites and hitting U.S. cities from international waters. The United Shipbuilders is under contract to build a series of six nuclear-powered destroyers armed with high-tech missile- and space- defense systems beginning in 2016 for Russia.

This does not seem to be a time in our history to actually cut our military strength, knowing that we are facing wars and rumors of wars. Sometimes it is difficult to know who your friends are. At least that is my view from the Wall.

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  1. What frightens me as much as this news is the fact that I can’t get people interested. They don’t want to hear one negative thing. I fear for them when it all falls down.

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