Mississippi Passes Heartbeat Bill Prohibiting Killing of Baby after Heartbeat is Detected

Just when you begin to think the whole world is full of sin, murder, violence and evil, there comes a ray of hope. The “Heartbeat Bill” was passionately debated, on into the evening, at the Mississippi House of Representatives.

House Bill #1196 passed, which “requires abortionists to check for a fetal heartbeat, inform the mother that there was a fetal heartbeat, and—if the Senate passes the current version—prohibit the killing of the child after its heartbeat can be detected.”

“The intent appears to be that if the Senate passes this bill that surgical abortion in this state will largely be eliminated—representing a protection from death for thousands of unborn children in Mississippi and protection from the spiritual, emotional and physical danger of abortion for their mother.” BCN News

Mississippi Representative Andy Gipson’s bill passed 78 – 36. Next, the bill will go to the Republican controlled State Senate for consideration and vote. Gibson argued, “This is not a personhood bill, this is the Heartbeat Bill. If life cannot be detected in a heartbeat, then when?”

The Oklahoma Senate has passed a watered-down version of the bill that would require abortion providers to offer each woman who comes to them for an abortion the opportunity to hear the fetal heartbeat before the procedure. Then, she would make the choice on whether or not to continue with the abortion.

Meanwhile, the debate continued on the Mississippi House floor with Rep. John Hines Sr., a Democrat, in protest of the anti-abortion legislation. He suggested an amendment to the Heartbeat Bill, prohibiting men from undergoing a vasectomy operation, expressing the need for fairness. “We have consistently told women what they could do with their bodies,” Hines said. “But every time a man chooses he doesn’t want a child, he has a say.”

Hines’ argument was met with “AMENS” from the floor.

Rep. Hines went on: “If we are serious about being pro-lifers, then men should not be able to get away with doing stuff to their bodies that women should not be able to get away with.”

Hines vasectomy proposal failed and Gipson was offended, criticizing Representatives for making light of a serious issue.

Sometimes the answers to our complex questions are so simple, we can’t see the forest for the trees.

Before there were Democrats and Republicans, before there were politicians and man-made legislation, before there was debate and discussion and worldly reasoning… before all of that, there was the Word of God and His law!

The shedding of innocent blood is a grievous offense to the Most High God and societies that did such things were judged harshly. Sacrificing children at the altar of ‘convenience’ is abominable and is condemned in scripture – and those who do such things can expect their land to be cursed (Deut 32, Ps 106).

Yet, over 54 million have indeed been slaughtered in abortion mills across this country.

If we could see these atrocities through the eyes of God, would not the streets of our country run deep with the blood of the innocent?

Good for Mississippi. I hope the real “Heartbeat Bill” is passed in every single state and quickly. Until then, I can only look out over the shape of things and lament like Jeremiah.

While the mercy part of me still prays 2 Chronicles 7:14, my heart of hearts cries out Revelation 22:20:

“He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly.  Even so, Come Lord Jesus!”

4 thoughts on “Mississippi Passes Heartbeat Bill Prohibiting Killing of Baby after Heartbeat is Detected

  1. I believe women should have full control over there bodies and should be able to decide what to do with them. They would have already made that decision when they had sex, unless they were rapped, and should have no say in deciding the fate of an unborn child. Just saying.

  2. March 31st, 2012

    Molech –the god of child sacrifice.
    There is no greater blood sacrifice to satan than that of offering up an infant child.
    Molech, abortion, a woman’s right to choose. Let’s get rid of all the cosmetics & speak what it is. The blood sacrifice of a child to the head of devils & demons –satan.
    People do not want to ‘hear’ the truth, yet the truth is our job. It is our duty. It is our life.

    The blood sacrifice of a child to the head of devils & demons –satan.

    The drums beat out a loud rhythm so to drown out the screams of melting / burning infants within the red hot burning hands of molech. Thousands of years ago! And yet today, we burn infants as they kick and scream as best they can within the mother’s womb. And dare I say with music playing in the background.
    Molech, the god of sacrificial sex without encumbrances. The god of convenience. The god of selfishness.

    The blood sacrifice of a child to the head of devils & demons –satan.

    Rep. John Hines Sr. was / is simply manifesting the spirit that truly controls his mindset. Aside from frothing & foaming @ the mouth, the smiley face has become the soul-less facade within the progressive / liberal (so-called) / socialist (or go extreme with communist or fascist) / anti-freedom / anti-christ agenda.

    Yea, I’ve declared it.
    Anyone &/or anything that goes for the government, bigger government, control of others, etc. and says that they are a Christian / a believer does err! Said person does Not know the scriptures & thereby the heart of God. (I Samuel 8:6&7)
    Said person does not have His laws written upon their heart. (Jeremiah 17:1-10 Yes, the tribe of Judah is addressed here. Yet because we have the Blood of Jesus, how much more toward us as a nation of “Believers”. And as Paul stated, the O.T. is for our learning -so to move ahead and not repeat.)

    The government is ordained by God so to execute judgment upon the unrighteous –the lawless. Thus, keeping the law abiding, God fearing legal citizens safe from domestic violators (i.e. the bad neighbor, the thief, the slanderer, corrupt politicians, etc.). Also, to keep legal citizens (United States citizens and not the world) safe from foreign violators (i.e. invading peoples / cultures / armies). To fear the government is to be a law breaker. Yet to fear the government and not be a lawbreaker does not compute for a “Christian nation”. Perhaps the president was correct with his statement last year of the USofA is no longer a Christian nation. Therefore, the bigger & bigger & greater infringements of how-you-are-to-live government easily makes sense.

    What was it that God told the prophet Samuel some 2,500 years ago? To just chill and give the people what they want? (I Samuel 8:7)

    So are we, as a nation, about to be weaned of government as we’ve known it in our lifetimes?
    Is the Body of Christ about to enter into a forced-upon-us spiritual revival?
    And head back towards the reverence of God & His ordained design of the United States of America constitution?
    Or are we, as a nation, about to be waxed with even more government and the ever greater presence of an anti-christ spirit? (Gross darkness? Jeremiah 13:16 & 17?) History does very plainly reveal what happens when the Church becomes lax & apathetic. High places move in and become dominant, worshiping devils & demons. The countries of Spain, Turkey, and way obviously the land upon which Solomon’s Temple once stood stands boldly in the face and before the eyes for those not perishing.

    Honestly, I do not see the Body of Christ –the Church- within America wakening to these facts.
    All I see around me & in the pews here where I presently reside is Hosea 4:1-14!

    And so how do I address my prayer life???
    As has always been done within my lifetime? As I see throughout the churches, without power, without results?
    Perhaps that word of faith without action is dead could be key.
    For myself, I believe that I must get my own house (lifestyle & therefore witness to those who see & know me) in order. I must revere the Creator of all that ever was & all that ever will be. I must give to him first place in my life & obey –PERIOD. In other words, I must do what God has said & live as God has said. Then, II Chronicles 7:14 makes sense. And then, as a Christian nation, the atrocities of molech / moloch / milcom / malcam / malcan, the counselor, king, god of the Ammonites will fully stop.
    Yet this god of thousands of yeas ago is still a god of even today. And America –US- has been pushing it throughout and into other nations of the world! HA! We even educated Mr. Hitler (Adolf) towards his “purification” techniques, in part.
    Therefore, have we learned? Or have we as a “Christian nation” been taken over via the worship of devils & demons?

    I say to argue whatever point with a Mr. John Hines Sr., or argue with any smiley faced soul about what is right and what is wrong has become foolish. A diversion to compromise &/or to focus away from the truth.

    YES ! this law must go through.
    Yet how foolish is it to fight for “laws” that are to recognize a smidgen of what we accept as God’s laws –as a “Christian nation”.
    How our enemies must laugh & understand our weakness. As a “Christian nation”, we have no God; only gods.
    Morbid, yet true?

    Because of Jesus,
    P.S. Amos 5:18-27
    Are we not in captivity already, even if just beginning?

  3. The representatives are wrong, vasectomy is not the make equivalent of abortion. VASECTOMY is the male equivalent of TUBAL LIGATION in the female.
    Both are intended to stop the ability to reproduce, vasectomy by keeping the sperm from getting to the egg. Tubal ligation keeps the egg from getting to where the sperm can reach it and fertilize it.

    There is no male equivalent to pregnancy as men cannot become pregnant and carry and deliver a baby. And in my opinion there are too many different ways to prevent pregnancy to stoop to killing a baby to get rid of being careless and too lazy to attempt to prevent pregnancy,

    I am not totally against all abortion. I helped with two abortions done in a Catholic hospital, both done to prevent the death of a very seriously ill woman, who would have died from eclampsia if the abortions had not been done.
    But I as a born-again Spirit filled Christian feel that the only reason ever to permit an abortion should be the imminent death of the mother due to the pregnancy.

    Thank you,
    Donna Parcel RN (For 35 years)

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