Muslim Brotherhood has Eyes on Jerusalem


This original pen and ink drawing is of the most disputed piece of land on earth, looking toward the Arab Quarter of Jerusalem from the Temple Mount. This location is where Abraham was to sacrifice his son Isaac and is the original site of Solomon’s Temple and the place of Herod’s Great Temple of the second temple period destroyed by the Romans around 70 AD.

The extremist Islamic Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt has their sights set on this exclusive piece of real estate. They are claiming Jerusalem to be their ultimate capitol. This mount has been a place of great sacrifice and blood shed, even the next hillside over is the place of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

A radical Muslim Cleric recently told thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Egypt, “We can see how the dream of Islamic caliphate (an Islamic form of government representing the political unity and leadership of the Muslim world) is being realized, God willing, by Dr. Mohamed Morsi,” the Brotherhood movement’s presidential candidate.

The cleric continued boldly with authority in his voice, “The capital of the United States of the Arabs will be Jerusalem. Our capital shall not be in Cairo, Mecca or Medina. Yes, Jerusalem is our goal. We shall pray in Jerusalem, or die as martyrs on its threshold.”

When we read the Book of Daniel we begin to really see what is happening in the Middle East before our very eyes. It becomes easy to understand that prophecy has long foretold that in the end-times the “Beast” is a ten nation group of the New World Order and the “King of the South” is Egypt, The Islamic Muslim Brotherhood. The “Prince of the Covenant,” is the one who makes the tribulation peace treaty with Israel, the “King of the North.” Daniel 11 and 12

The political stage is being set in Egypt for a deadly scenario to unfold. The Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group has gained domination in both parties of the Egyptian parliament. Within the past few weeks the Brotherhood’s presidential candidate, Morsi said that if elected president, he would not meet with Israel’s leaders.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic fundamentalists have been opposed to Israel’s existence from the day it was established. They even killed Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat because he instigated the 1979 peace treaty with Israel. The Brotherhood’s Palestinian off-shoot, Hamas, calls for the destruction of Israel in its charter and the murder of Jews.

The Muslim Brotherhood may have their eyes on Jerusalem, but our God has His eye on them! As the Egyptian cleric said, they may well die on the threshold of Jerusalem.

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