Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Joins Forces with Hamas and Fatah against Israel

Hamas leader Meshaal shakes hands and speaks with President Abbas during their meeting in Cairo. Picture from the Jerusalem Post

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood have decided to resume efforts to end the power struggle between Fatah and Hamas, two of the Palestinian terrorist groups against Israel.

Mursi also addressed the terrorist groups in the Sinai stating that “cowardly attack will not go without a response.” He promised, “Those who committed that crime will pay for it dearly.” Since that deadly desert attack Mursi fired the secular military forces that were holding back the Muslim Islamic rule of the land. Mursi’s raid of the Sinai revealed that new weapons have entered into the Sinai. The new weapons are being smuggled in from Libya by the Bedouin tribes (nomadic people who live in the desert.)

The attack of army soldiers and officers at the Karm Abu Salem border crossing station was not the first such attack but the other incidents targeted police rather than military. More than 20 armed attacks have been reported against government facilities, 3 of which took place in police stations. Tensions have been high in the Sinai because of the constant friction between the police, the Bedouins, and a multitude of Islamic terror organizations.

The Sinai Road is full of checkpoints but the security did not prevent the smuggling of the weapons used in this attack. Contraband is usually hidden in old trucks loaded with animal feed and foodstuff.

The Muslim Brotherhood first attempted to blame Israel for the attack saying, “The violence was an attempt to hinder Islamist President Mohamed Mursi,” and quickly added that it was “imperative to review clauses” in the peace treaty agreement between Egypt and Israel. “This crime can be attributed to the Mossad, which has been seeking to abort our revolution since its inception and the proof of this is that it gave instructions to its Zionist citizens in Sinai to depart immediately a few days ago.”

Actually it was the Mossad intelligence that saved the day with their advance information about the terror attack. As a matter of fact the “Zionist citizens in Sinai” that were given advance notice to leave were Arab Israeli citizens.

One of the vehicles used in the terrorist attack carried 500 kilos of explosives that was meant to kill Israelis in a nearby town. It was not meant to destroy the new border fences.

The first truck exploded at the border crossing into Israel. The second penetrated beyond the Israeli border. The original plan according to the Mossad information was to use the explosives truck to carry out a major terror attack in an Israeli town near the crossing. Preceding the truck would have been several suicide bombers, wearing explosive belts. The truck ended up being used to blow a hole in the fence, but the plan for the suicide bombers to explode themselves was still being executed. The suicide bombers entered Israel with the terrorists, who were finally eliminated by the Israel Defense Forces before they could carry out their plan.

Israel had forwarded the Mossad intelligence, in advance of the plot, to the Egyptian government but they failed to act on the information.

Dozens of Egyptian citizens demonstrated in front of the Israeli ambassador’s residence in Cairo and demanded relations with Israel be severed following the news of the terror attack. One demonstrator claimed there was no doubt Israel was behind the occurrence.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood accused the Israeli spy agency, Mossad, of being behind the terror assault on their northern border.  Of course Israel’s foreign ministry dismissed the allegations as “nonsense.”

Egypt moved their military forces and war equipment into the Sinai to deal with the violence (which was against the Egypt/Israel Peace treaty). It would not surprise this writer if they keep their military next to the Israeli border as a subtle threat to the Jewish nation.

Former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Tzvi Mazel said, “The Muslim Brotherhood is the group that laid the foundations for today’s radical Islam and Islamic terrorism. The Muslim Brotherhood developed a theory that favors a return to ‘the good old days’ of the prophet Mohammed and use of violence to establish a Muslim empire. Islamic law would be the constitution and then they would make an effort to conquer the world.”

In reality there is no dispute. It is a cold war that is about to get hot. It is an ancient conflict between good and evil that is even spreading to the shores of America. Wake up America, know who the enemy is.

Luke 21:9-10: [Jesus said] “When you hear of wars and revolutions, do not be frightened. These things must happen first, but the end will not come right away.” Then he said to them, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.”

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