Peace, Peace… but there is no Peace

1 Thessalonians 5:3 “For when they say, "Peace and safety!" then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.”

Russia has been in Israel talking about PEACE with Iran and PEACE with Syria, PEACE with the Palestinians and PEACE with Islamic Egypt.

Meanwhile a Russian arms shipment is about to make a second attempt to deliver helicopter gunships and air defense systems to Syria. The first attempt was stopped by Britain. The Russian ship “Alaed” was flying a flag from the Caribbean island of Curacao. Russia feared that British forces were about to attempt boarding the ship, a step P.M. David Cameron is said to have been contemplating.

In an unmistakable challenge to the British Prime Minister, Moscow said the “Alaed” would sail again, this time under a Russian flag, signifying that any attempt to board the ship would create an international incident. This time the cargo ship will have an escort to Syria. Russia says the weapons will only be used for self-defense. No doubt about that . . . the Russian-made air defense system was more than likely used when Syria shot down a Turkish fighter jet over international waters and fired at another one this week.

More than 700 people were killed according to a human rights group in Syria this past week. This has been one of the bloodiest weeks since the uprising began against Bashar al-Assad 15 months ago. A Syrian Air Force pilot just flew his fighter jet to Jordan and defected. Desertion has been high in the Syrian armed forces lately, since they have been forced to fire on their own citizens.

All that has been achieved in Egypt is the election of an Islamic government that is committed to introduce a judicial system based on Sharia law. Mr. Morsi himself may very well be a moderate politician but many who backed him from the Muslim Brotherhood are terroristic in their back ground and ideology. They are from Salafist Islamic groups who have openly come against Egyptian Christians recently and have an obvious distaste for America, even though we have financed this new enemy regime with well over $2 billion dollars a year in U.S taxpayer dollars. There are obvious questions here; why do we do this? And another question is, Will Egypt become the new Iran?

There is at least one voice of reason coming out of Washington, D.C. Representative Joe Walsh (R) is calling for the U.S. to stop giving foreign aid to Egypt because members of the Muslim Brotherhood are Islamic terrorists. They plan to change the Egypt/Israel peace treaty and increase their ties with Islamic Iran.

The Palestinians that Israel is supposed to make peace with, have renewed their violent rocket attacks on Israeli cities from the Gaza Strip (adjoining Egypt). Hamas is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.

Hamas Minister Fathi Hammad during a speech at the Gaza police academy commencement ceremony said, “None of you should give up playing with all the tools of force and equipment, which will bring us closer to our aspirations: Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Haifa (the port city in northern Israel), Akko, and Jaffa (south of Tel Aviv).” What would be left of Israel if that was to happen? Not much!

Syria is a threat to the human rights of their own people and are adversely affecting the stability of the Middle East. Iran is a threat not only to Israel’s existence but to the U.S. and the world. Who are the allies of Russia? China, Syria and Iran are in partnership. What in the world is happening? The Bible is being literally fulfilled!

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