“Peter the Roman” Prophecy Accurate?

“Peter the Roman” Prophecy Accurate?

Argentina’s Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is now officially the new leader of the Catholic (universal) Church. The term “catholic” is derived from the Greek word meaning “universal” and was first used to describe the Church in the early 2nd century. Bergoglio was elected the first non-European pope in more than 1,000 years. However, he is of Italian heritage and lineage.

The Catholic hierarchy is led by the Pope and includes cardinals, patriarchs and bishops. The Church teaches that it is the one true Church divinely founded by Jesus the Christ and that the Pope is the sole successor to Saint Peter, the follower of Jesus.

This new pope was introduced from the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica, where he renamed himself after the humble Catholic friar, St. Francis of Assisi.

Francis of Assisi was one of seven children born to Pietro (Peter), his father’s name. Francis was actually christened with the Name: Francesco di Pietro (Peter) di Bernardone by his Italian parents which literally means “Peter, the Roman.”

Main stream media news covered the event of naming the new Pope on 3-13-13, referring to him as the man who rides the bus and pays for his own hotel room.

However, according to an ancient prophecy, there is much more to this story than a new pope being “a humble man of the people.” This prophecy goes all the way back to the 12th century, at which time Archbishop Malachy was given a vision of the future.

According to the ancient prophecy, Latin verses predicted each of the Roman Catholic popes from Pope Celestine II to the final pope, “Peter, the Roman,” whose reign will end with the destruction of Rome.

The final segment of Malachy’s “Prophecy of the Popes” reads: “In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations; when they are over, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible or fearsome Judge will judge his people. The End.”

To me this sounds like the End of Days and the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord; GREAT because of the return of Jesus and TERRIBLE for those who will have to stand in the days of God’s judgment.

President Barack Obama hailed the new leader of the world’s Church with a membership of 1.2 billion Catholics, as a “champion of the poor.”

The Cardinals who voted for the new Pope, Cardinal Timothy Dolan said, “We toasted him (Pope Francis) and when he toasted us he said: ‘May God forgive you.’”

The statement by the Pope was meant in jest.

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  1. What we have to be concerned about here if all the announcements of previous popes and names were none other than the Catholic church allowing this to actually to be self fulfilled prophecies and allowing the world to believe it to be Go’s hand on the Pope. The names were given from a man and the names were carried out by a man. There would be great advantages to have the catholic church believe it to be God prophecy and not a man carrying out the self fulfilled prophecy which in turn makes it look supernatural.

  2. I find this prophecy very interesting – and even self-condemning for the Roman Catholic Church; given that Archbishop Malachy himself was “Catholic”; and yet, he gave a “prophecy” predicting the “END” of the Popes and the DESTRUCTION of the city of ROME itself, by the judging hands of Almighty God. I find this, indeed, a great irony. I’m baffled by it!

    However, I speculate that; if this very same “PROPHECY” really did come from God; then it would indeed EXPLAIN as to why the Lord would finally “cease” the Office of the Pontiff – and the existence of Rome itself; given that the Lord, in the Latter Days, is going to “restore all things” pertaining to the original prominence and pre-eminence of the Jewish People in their role for “saving” Mankind, through the Messiah himself, “Christ Jesus” [and as culminated in the 144,000 of the 12 tribes of Israel, to preach the Gospel around the world (discussed in Revelation 7 & 14)]; and with the Gentile Christians finally realizing that they are to PAY due “deference” to their Jewish brethren in the faith; after the twenty-centuries-worth of Anti-Semitism in the Church, and the REJECTION of anything “Jewish” connected to the “religion” of Christianity; AND thus, with the Lord humbling the Gentiles by having them WITNESS the very “destruction” of Rome – to SIGNIFY to the World that the Lord NEVER originally meant for ROME itself to be the “CENTER” of global ecclesiastical authority; BUT instead, with the city of JERUSALEM being the actual “place” for the Saints to “look up to”, for spiritual guidance coming from global Church leadership.

    In other words, I speculate that Archbishop Malachy’s “prophecy” – if TRUE – would signify God’s desire to REVEAL to the world that, when “Messiah Jesus” comes back [or just before he comes back]; that the Lord will INFORM a bigoted Anti-Semitic “world” that He has always “LOVED” His people – i.e., “The Jewish People”; and that the city of Rome was never MEANT to be that “central place” for global Christian worship, in the first place; BUT rather, with JERUSALEM itself originally meant to be that “central place of worship” for the Lord; to eternally “put His name there” amongst His people – and not in a “gentile city”, such as Rome itself.

    Since the “spreading” of the Gospel STARTED with the Jewish People in the first place, by way of the first Twelve Apostles – all who themselves were “JEWISH” anyway, by God’s grand design, according to prophecies in the Torah; that accordingly, with the numerous Biblical prophecies discussing Israel’s primary ROLE in the “spiritual redemption” of Mankind; that uncoincidentally, the FIRST – and original “Pope” – in Ecclesiastical History, was none other than the “Apostle Peter” himself, a.k.a., “Kepha”, in Hebrew; and whose name is translated as “stone”; and furthermore, uncoincidentally, with Jesus Christ himself making a pun of Kepha’s Greek name, “Peter” – or “Petros”, which means “rock”; as Jesus identified Peter as the “ROCK” of the future Church (or figuratively speaking, for Peter to be an “anchor” for the future Body of Christ), according to the Book of Matthew, chapter 16.

    But even if Archbishop Malachy’s “prophecy” is fraudulent; that NEVERTHELESS, the fact remains that God never MEANT for “global ecclesiastical rule” to come out of Rome – or from any OTHER gentile city around the world. There are many prophecies in the Torah that reveal God’s future establishment of world-wide-centered worship to take place in JERUSALEM; which, when Christ comes back, will be the “Capitol of the World”; from where the Lord will reign all the Earth forever and ever.

    For years, I myself had wondered as to what method (or criteria) by which the apostolic leaders, during the First Century, would determine how these same “keys” of the “Kingdom” that Jesus spoke of, would be “passed down”, so to speak, from one generation to the next.
    Although I am not a “Roman Catholic”, I personally believe that the Catholic Church itself is doctrinally correct in espousing the doctrine of “apostolic succession”; since the Catholic Church is indeed being scripturally consistent in espousing the New Testament belief that Jesus meant for the “keys” of his “Kingdom” to be passed down, from one SINGLE apostolic leader to serve as the “chief” of the apostles themselves – beginning with the disciple [or “apostle”], Peter [a.k.a., “Kepha”]; and following after Peter, there is to be, theoretically, this same “anointing” of “pontiff leadership” to be perpetuated [supposedly] by the Holy Spirit, with the “laying on of hands”.

    In regards to the ancient Roman Catholic “pontificate” – or “apostolic succession”; that accordingly, the original Biblical “Jewish” version that PRECEDED it; was the divinely-ordained responsibility of Messianic Jews, in the First Century, to establish a “Halakic Court” for the Body of Messiah; as it was indeed ALREADY established, by God, 2,000 years ago, during the early ecclesiastical days of the First-Century Church. Of course, this automatically entailed the Lord in having to have prepared “Jewish apostles” to serve as “Chief Overseers” or officers for the messianic congregations throughout the Roman Empire. For example, in the Book of Acts, chapter 15, we can read on how the Jewish apostles, James and Peter, were appointed by the Holy Spirit, to settle the QUESTION as to “whether-or-not” Gentiles who were coming into the “faith of Yeshua” had to be circumcised. This “Apostolic Court” was headed in JERUSALEM, by the apostle, “James the Just”, as Nasi [i.e., Heb., “Prince”, i.e., the “Chief Justice” of the New Covenant Sanhedrin] AND also headed secondarily, by the apostle Peter, as the “Av Beit Din” [i.e., Heb., “Father of the House of Judgment”; i.e., the “vice-president” of the Messianic court]. This is the TRUE and Biblically-correct way whereby the Saints of God were to determine contemporary ecclesiastical laws by which to REGULATE the social order of the Body of Messiah.

    As everybody knows, Jesus did indeed “appoint” Peter to be “head” of the other apostles; and the New Testament and secular history bear out the fact that Peter was the first “Chief Apostle” – or “bishop” of the First-century Church; with the “headquarters” being located in Jerusalem. However, several decades after the martyrdom of Peter and the martyrdom of many other Nazarene Jews, and as the Messianic believers were dwindling in numbers in the Church, and with a greater number of Gentiles “joining” the Church; and with Gentile Christians beginning to “out-number” the Nazarene Jews; and with the Gentile Christians eventually “taking over” the majority of leadership positions in the Church; and due to the mean-spirited act of sanitizing the “Jewishness” of Jesus – on the part of Anti-Semitic Gentile Christians; thus, the ORIGINAL headquarters for the Church’s “Sanhedrin” – that being, Jerusalem – was spitefully relocated to the great pagan Gentile city of Rome. And thus, the Roman Catholic Church has followed suit of their ancient spiritual fathers; in recognizing the “Pope” – in Rome – as the ongoing and current bearer of Jesus’ “keys” to God’s kingdom.
    However, according to ancient Nazarene theology, it NEVER was God’s intended purpose for “believing” Gentiles (or even the Jewish believers themselves) to relocate the New Covenant Sanhedrin to any other city – and especially relocating to wildly debaucherous pagan Gentile city, such as Rome itself. As the ancient Nazarenes saw it, it was ALWAYS God’s “will” for the “keys” of Jesus’ “kingdom” to remain in Jerusalem. But again, as I’ve already stated; that when Christ comes back to the Earth, the Lord will once again establish JERUSALEM as being the civil and religious “capitol of the world”; as already foretold in numerous prophecies of the Torah.

    But even BEFORE Christ returns, today’s Messianic Jews and Gentile Christians need to fast and pray together; that the Lord would “call-and-send-out” apostles for today’s times; for the Christian congregations to establish a unified and consistent “ORDER” and “DISCIPLINE” throughout the entire worldwide Body of Believers; just as we already see occurring within the Roman Catholic Church.

    So, perhaps Archbishop Malachy’s “prophecy” on the permanent cessation of the Pontificate – AND the final “destruction” of Rome – is indeed TRUE after all. Time will indeed “tell”! And if so……well then, this would be a major CONFIRMATION on how God will truly “restore all things”, as He already said that He would, according to His written Word!!!

  3. Keeping the prophecy aside, I’m already seeing signs that concerns me. He’s the first pope that doesn’t seem to have any enemies or anyone who speaks negatively towards him. Every pope has had some country or someone upset with him.

    The other thing that I notice is that the moment they announced the new Pope, they started branding Pope Benedict as a “failure”. Why are they tearing down this man, to make Pope Francis look all the more better? It’s crazy. It’s growing too, more and more are starting to call the previous Pope a failure.

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