Russia comes to Israel


Russian President Vladimir Putin landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv with his large entourage comprised of four planes with a 300-person delegation of government ministers, advisers and journalists. One of the matters on the agenda for discussion is the Western standoff with Iran over nuclear power.

Putin, his entourage and the Israeli delegation drove to the city of Netanya to visit a memorial to the Red Army. During Putin’s speech, he referred to the Jewish Holocaust as “the darkest, most shameful chapter in human history.” He also praised the Soviet Army for being the one to “smash the head of the Nazi monster and allowed all nations to survive.” Putin added he was “very excited” and thanked Netanyahu, Peres and “all of his Israeli friends” for building a monument to honor Russia.

President Shimon Peres responded, “Israel owes a deep debt of gratitude to Russia and the Russian army for its decisive role in the liberation of camps and the triumph over Nazi Germany.” Peres added, “Today as well, Israel views Russia as a lighthouse, as a state that plays an important role in the advance of peace in the Middle East, and a state that takes steps to improve the world while battling terror.”

This kind of banter is all part of the political games we play.

Israeli officials are hoping to recruit Russia’s government to join their efforts against Iran’s nuclear program. They also want to encourage a number of security and economic initiatives. Putin will be greeted by Netanyahu at his official residence in Jerusalem for a festive dinner and later will meet with President Shimon Peres.

Mr. Peres is expected to bring up the issue of Iran’s nuclear program during their evening meeting, and stress Israel’s concern about Tehran developing nuclear arms. Peres plans to discuss, “The combination of nuclear weapons and a fanatical political leadership poses a genuine threat to the peace of the world as a whole.”

Israel sees Iran as its most dangerous foe because it is convinced that Iran’s nuclear program is meant to build bombs and not produce energy for peaceful purposes, as Iran claims. The fears are compounded by Iran’s frequent calls for Israel’s destruction, support for anti-Israel militants and an arsenal of ballistic missiles as well as their denial of the World War II Holocaust.

In Jerusalem, the commonly held view is that Washington has been asleep for years but the West is now waking up to the Iranian Islamic threat. However, there is reluctance on behalf of Russia and China to support crippling sanctions against the Iranians.

“The message the Russians will receive is that Israel cannot and will not tolerate a nuclear Iran. Of course we prefer a diplomatic solution, but we will use all means to protect Israel’s survival,’’ said Yacov Livne, head of the Russia desk at the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Russia opposes Iran developing nuclear-weapons capability because it would endanger global stability. We are against expanding “the nuclear club.” Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Iranians that Moscow supports Tehran’s atomic program as long as it is “peaceful.”

After all, they are saying “peace and safety.” “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” (1st. Thessalonians 5:3)

Just because Putin came to Mount Zion, does not mean that Russia is off our “watch list,” it just means to watch them even closer. In a future time he “will certainly come as a conqueror with a great army and much equipment.” (Daniel 11:13)

Even if Mohamed Morsi comes to the mountain he is only the king of the South in search of making Jerusalem the Islamic capitol for the Muslim Brotherhood. He will meet the king of the north soon enough. “So the king of the North shall come and build a siege mound and take a fortified city (Jerusalem) and the forces of the South shall not withstand him.” (Daniel 11:15)

Watch therefore with me. Read also the news of Revelation, very carefully, and compare the view from the Watchman’s Wall to a time not so distant in Daniel 11:13 through Dan 11:19. News events are lining up with scripture and the alignment of the nations are coming together as prophesied for a time such as this.

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