Standing with Israel (Pt. 4)

Israel is in a spiritual and physical battle for their very lives. This land that God favored was given to Israel thousands of years ago by way of Abraham and then Isaac, the son of Promise.

This land was given to the Jews as their national homeland and is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. It was physically granted to Israel by the United Nations Assembly in 1948.

There has always been a battle to take the inheritance of the land away from the Jews.

To stand with Israel does not mean that you are opposed to the Arab nations. The animosity of the Arab world against Israel is not merely political but is driven by the spiritual powers of darkness. There is only one way of fighting a battle like this: begin with intercessory prayer, where principalities are cast down and the spiritual powers broken.

Revelation Eleven tells us about the two witnesses in the end times standing together, one is Christian, (the lampstands) and one is Jewish (the olive trees). We stand together and prophesy to the evil in the land. True Christians and Jews have always stood together for God throughout history.

God has shown Himself to us by His Son, Jesus. This salvation came to the gentiles through the Jews. We owe our allegiance to God the Father, because He is our Creator, our Judge, our Redeemer and our Lawgiver.

We are the people of “the last hour.” We are Christians and we are Jews. We stand together because God has called us unto Himself.

These Revelation Days are a pivotally important time. We are called to stand with Israel. There has been a line drawn in the sand. The Lord has called us to stand with moral and biblical convictions on critical issues.

Standing with Israel is a critical issue for today.

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