Terrorists Fill the Void (Part 1)


The “Arab Spring” was once thought to be an enlightened path to democracy by toppling the Arab dictatorships who hate the United States government, Christians, the Zionist Entity (Israel) and the Jews.

What was once considered a good thing is in the process of becoming a nightmare.

Now we are beginning to see the other side of the antichrist’s double edged sword. Democracy is opening the way for extremist Islamic law and loss of other basic freedoms in some Middle Eastern nations. At the same time the U.S. government spends billions of U.S. dollars in aid to finance these rouge nations who hate and plot against us.

Muhammad al-Maskati is a 24-year-old human rights, non-violent activist from Bahrain (located in the Persian Gulf.) He now finds himself locked up in his apartment. His BlackBerry has been shut down by the government and the streets outside are filled with Saudi tanks that rolled into town. The hospitals all over town are packed with wounded civil activists and the death count is growing.

Peaceful protesters came under attack as the full might of the dictator government hammered at unarmed civilians. Maskati stayed in his apartment, using his computer after his phone was shut down, typing updates always titled “Urgent from Bahrain.”

Mr. Maskati said, “We thought it would work,” his voice quivering with fear, depression, tinged with anger and disillusionment. “But now, the aggression is too much. Now it’s not about the protest anymore, it’s about self-defense.”

The Arab Spring may not be over, but there is a major stumbling block to freedom, The remaining dictators of this world are acting without conscience or moral human rights standards. They are willing to use lethal force to preserve their power.

The Arab momentum for change stalled out first in Libya, where Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi turned loose his government troops against their own people, and then in Bahrain, where King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa asked for Saudi Arabia’s help to literally put down the demonstrators who only wanted to live in peace and be part of the transformation sweeping the Middle East.

The movement is still alive and causing political change in places like Morocco and Jordan and hopefully guiding transitions in Egypt and Tunisia, and being worked out in countries like Algeria and Yemen.

Then we look at Syria and see the tragedy there. Syria’s freedom fighters said they killed as many as 100 government soldiers in the most violent confrontation of this past year’s uprising against President Bashar al-Assad. They also announced a formal repudiation of the UN-backed ceasefire.

Meanwhile Russia and China have backed the present regime in Syria. And Israeli officials are saying, “The Iranian regime in Tehran is in a very concrete manner lending its support to the Syrian government’s murder of the Syrian people, and this is part of their very aggressive and dangerous behavior in the region. If this is what Iran does without atomic weapons, what would Iranian behavior look like if they had nuclear capabilities?”

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu said Syria was brutally slaughtering its people “with, of course, the assistance of Iran and Hezbollah . . . real assistance, not just political support, but assistance in murder.”

Wherever a void is created by a weak government, the extremist Islamic, Muslim terrorist groups rush in to offer support and fill the void.

(to be continued)

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