Terrorists Fill the Void (Part 2)

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is the father of all terrorists groups. Their leader has called on Arab forces to confront Israel and for the world to pressure the “Zionist government to withdraw from the land of Palestine.” The comments by Brotherhood General Guide Mohammed Badie came in a written statement issued to commemorate Nakba Day, an Arab holiday.

The Arab word “Nakba” means “disaster,” “catastrophe,” or “cataclysm.” What is the disaster the Arabs celebrate?” Israeli Independence Day!

Palestinians and other Arabs mourn Israel’s creation in 1948 as the “worst catastrophe to ever hit the world.” Uriya Shavit, a lecturer at Tel Aviv University said, “The idea that the Brotherhood doesn’t recognize the legitimacy of Israel, and then call to eradicate it at some point, is something the group has never denied. It’s been in Brotherhood literature from its founding in 1928 until this very day.”

There was a void in Egyptian leadership after Mubarak was forced out. The Brotherhood filled that void by taking half of Egypt’s parliamentary seats in elections earlier this year. Their presidential candidate, Mohamed Morsi, when asked about Egypt’s peace agreement with Israel, called for its revision or for putting it to referendum. Badie’s Nakba Day message repeatedly cited passages from the Koran to explain political events. “There is no point in signing treaties with Jews, the Koran tells you just how unreliable they are,” according to Shavit.

The Brotherhood assassinated Egypt’s Anwar Sadat in 1981 for making peace with the hated “Zionist entity.” The Hamas terrorist organization is a “wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.” Its Charter calls for the murder of Jews, the “obliteration” of Israel and its replacement with an Islamist theocracy. Hamas terrorist saw a void in Lebanon and have moved in to fill that void as well as. The same thing is happening in Syria.

Bill Roggio reported on a news website about the war on terror, “Killing the top leadership harms al Qaeda, but it won’t defeat them,” he said. “There are people who will step up to fill the void. Al Qaeda has a far deeper bench than the administration gives it credit for. Until we tackle al Qaeda’s ideology, state support and ability to exploit ungoverned space in countries like Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, you are not going to defeat the organization. They thrive in voids like this. Beliefs and doctrines are the motivations of terrorist groups. Ideology and religion is being used artificially to fill that void that Muslims feel and their Allah cannot fill.

Actually we are all created with a void inside. People try to fill the void with everything under the sun, but there is only one way to effectively fill that void. If you turn to the world, fleshly desires, other ideologies and religions, evil is waiting to fill that void and you will never be satisfied.

That void is in the shape of the one true God and meant to be filled by only Him, to complete our relationship with Messiah Jesus.

Celebrate Israel’s Independence Day.

The Messiah comes. “Surely I am coming quickly.” Revelation 22:20

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