The Burden of Damascus

This is the burden concerning Damascus. “Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” (Isaiah 17:1)

Damascus, Syria is one of the most ancient cities in the world. God gave Isaiah a disturbing vision of the city in utter annihilation, such destruction that it could no longer even be seen as a city anymore.

Past history tells us that Damascus has been invaded and conquered before, but never has it been left as desolate as Isaiah describes. This prophecy sounds more like a nuclear explosion, a devastation that is yet to come. The Bible does not tell us which of Syria’s enemies will cause this destruction, but we do know that it will occur just as the prophet told us. This is one prophecy yet to be fulfilled and you may live to see it happen and how it all unfolds before us.

Without a doubt you have grown weary of hearing the news out of Damascus as of late. Here are just a few of the headlines in the news; Syrian Defense Minister Killed in Damascus Blast, Heavy Fighting in Syrian Capital, Assad Leaning on Inner Circle in Regime’s Fight for Survival, Syrian Intelligence Chief Defects to Rebel Forces, Israeli Defense Force Intelligence Chief says fall of Assad only a Matter of Time, Syria on Edge of Collapse, Torture Centers in Syria, 2,800 Flee Syria in One Day, Syrian Violence Spills over Borders, Syria Threatens to use Chemical Weapons if Invaded.

It would not surprise me if I were to wake up one of these mornings to the news that Damascus was removed from being a city and has become a fallen ruin of rubble. Who will be the culprit who brings Damascus down: the rebels, the terrorist factions, Israel, the U.S., U.K. or the E.U.? Your guess is as good as mine, but what I do know is, it will happen.

The rebel commander of the freedom fighters carried out an attack against Damascus by planting a bomb inside the meeting room of Syria’s government security forces. The rebel commander stated the attack marked “the beginning of the end of the regime.” Current estimates say the opposition forces currently control more than 50% of the country.

The revolt against the Syrian Government Security Building and President Bashar Assad came within sight of his presidential palace as fighting erupted in major Damascus neighborhoods.

Syrian President Bashar Assad inherited power from his father in 2000. His friends and opponents alike say he appears to be increasingly detached from reality. Even though there is a tight circle of friends and family around him, security is deteriorating daily. Ayman Abdel-Nour, a former advisor to Assad, says “They think he is useless and living in a cocoon. He thinks of himself as God’s messenger to rule Syria. He believes that he is right and that whoever contradicts him is a traitor. Many of his close friends and advisers have either left him or distanced themselves from him.”

Damascus will not overcome the uprising against it. The Golan Heights region could turn into a battleground of anti-Israel operations. Israel could be forced to move against Syria in self-defense. The United States and Israel have also been in discussions over whether Israel should make a military move against Syrian weapons facilities as the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad comes crashing down.

Major General Aviv Kochavi, an Israel Defense Forces officer says, “The clashes in Syria are worsening on a daily basis, with 500 to 700 people being killed every week. In Lebanon, there are today between 70,000-80,000 rockets that could hit Israel.” Rockets with Damascus chemical weapon warheads are a deadly combination.

Two Syrian Air Force pilots defected to Jordan last month. Some 85 Syrian soldiers defected to Turkey a couple weeks ago, including a general and several other officers. The death toll in Syria is more than 19,000 people and counting since the uprising began.

Where is all this going? To a ruinous heap! Damascus is a city whose days are numbered and taken away from being a city.

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