There will be War (Pt. 2)


Matthew 24:21 “For there will be great tribulation, such has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.”

The Palestinians in the Gaza Strip cheered for the new Islamic Egyptian president, Mursi with volleys of gunfire in the streets of the Hamas controlled territories. Hamas is an offshoot branch of the Muslim Brotherhood terror group. Senior Hamas official Mahmoud Az-Zahar said the victory was a defeat for the program of “normalization” with the enemy (Israel).

Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip first fired a missile at Israel October 27, 2001. Since then, around 10,300 rockets and mortar shells have been launched into southern Israel. The projectiles have killed 32 Israelis, including four since Hamas and other militant groups responded to the current Israeli air offensive in the Gaza Strip by showering Israel with more missiles. Over 600 people have been wounded by the rockets, and hundreds more Israelis treated for shock and hysteria.

How can you broker peace with people who will not even acknowledge that Israel exists as a nation or recognize its capital is Jerusalem? How long will God put up with these attacks on His land of Israel and against His people? Will there be war? Yes, when the time has been fulfilled.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said his country is in a “real situation of war.” He insisted that “when one is in a state of war, all policies and capabilities must be used to secure victory.” His statement is a particularly dangerous one, considering 15,000 lives have already been lost; the vast majority of casualties have been innocent civilians including women and children. There have been many documented cases of torture, brutality and wide-scale massacres, carried out by loyal Assad forces. Will there be all out war? Yes, there is war!

Iranian General Salami reiterated that the Revolutionary Guard is ready for war, which is close. Though it will be very difficult, “We have faith in Allah.”

Iran’s supreme leader, also expecting war urged all factions of the regime, political and military, to unite and remain steadfast in defense of Islam in confronting the “arrogant powers.” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated, “Today the arrogant powers of the world have focused all their power to hurt the Islamic republic and stop its (nuclear) progress, which motivates the Islamic world.” And then he added, “America itself is surrounded by serious problems, which cannot be solved. Their main goal is to separate the Islamic republic from the support of its people. Allah willing, this conspiracy will also be defeated.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, while visiting Israel, warned President Shimon Peres that attacking Iran could backfire. He additionally advised the world to keep its nose out of affairs in Syria, where Russia has a vested interest. Putin and his Israeli hosts also made their differences known on the subject of Iran.

The United States has tried to pressure Iran to follow U.N. decrees in relationship to their nuclear ambitions, but Russia and China have opposed every action the U.N. has attempted, in order to stop Iran from illegally acquiring atomic weapons.

President Peres of Israel told Putin, “The Iranian people are not our enemy. Israel does not threaten their existence. It is Iran’s current regime that identifies itself as an enemy of Israel and a threat to its existence.”

Israel’s Prime Minister put it this way on the subject of Iran, “I believe we should do two things now: Boost the sanctions and also boost the demands.” Putin and Netanyahu were also at odds over the Syrian dilemma. Russia has supplied President Assad in Syria with massive military weapons, which have been used to kill 15,000 opponents of the Assad regime. Meanwhile Russia says “Peace” and then gives a stern warning against any outside interference concerning Russia’s vested interests.

Indeed there will be war and rumors of war.

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  1. Egypt is one of the countries that god is provoking to anger, as was egypt provoked in the past… Why>? … God will not attack, , , he will conquer by defense… Just as he did for moses… While in vietnam, , , our military could not shoot unless shot at first… That is where provocation comes in… One move and hell breaks loose… We are at that point now… The guns are loaded and aimed, , in world war 2, , japan had pilots that died crashing their planes into our ships… Today the planes that crashed into the world trade center on 911 were doing that same thing… Death has always been the threat to life… God’s word says we reap what we sow… Egypt should have learned that, , when all their first born died, , when the blood of the lamb was not on their doorpost… God gives humans a choice… Choose this day, , life or death… God will deliver, , all he has to do is withdraw his protection… The devour will do the rest… If only egypt’s history could tell what happened then, , to their people today… But god does not allow people dead in hell to warn the living… War has always been life verses death… Only while in the flesh does this power exist… Jesus offers us victory over this temporary existence by being born again christians… Then we live forever where death has no power over us ever again… Amen.

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