High Risk for Dangerous Storms, Flooding and Tornadoes In Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas

Severe Weather outbreak potential. May 20,2019 Severe Weather outbreak potential. May 20,2019

By Kami Klein

A dangerous and potent spring weather system is expected to bring severe weather to parts of the plains today bringing hail, damaging winds, flash flooding, and large, violent tornadoes.  According to the National Weather Service, these strong tornadoes are possible from western portions of Texas into western and central Oklahoma. A major threat of flash flooding is expected from northwest Texas into Oklahoma, Kansas, western Missouri, and northwest Arkansas.

Many school systems, including Oklahoma University in Norman, Oklahoma canceled classes for the day due to the strong possibilities of this weather system. Since the disastrous 2013 F5 tornado that hit Moore Oklahoma killing 23 and injuring 337 people, school authorities have taken a very cautious approach when advised by the National Weather Service.  

“We believe this is the best decision for our students, staff and families as their health and safety are priority,” Moore Public Schools officials posted to Facebook. “Please ensure safety plans are in place for your family in case needed for severe weather.”

According to the Weather Channel, this highest threat level of severe weather was last issued by SPC just over two years ago on May 18, 2017.

There have been 545 tornadoes nationally through May 6, according to NOAA. Historically, an average of 321 tornadoes occur in the U.S. through the end of April, based on a 25-year average.

These warnings are rare both for the flooding potential and chances of very powerful tornadoes. Please stay tuned to weather alerts and take appropriate action by staying away from windows and seeking shelter in basements, closets or bathrooms in the middle of your home or in storm shelters.   



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