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Jim and Lori Bakker discuss improving ones health with Doctor Sherrill Sellman, Doctor Matt Stadnyk, and Frank Davis from Food for Health.


Often during times of hurricanes and floodings many people are forced to wade through water that is filled with waste, and toxins that can be harmful to the eyes. -Dr Matt Stadnyk

I take the vitamins every day. Every day, I don’t live without taking them. I don’t want to die in a nursing home. I don’t want to die having my legs cut off or going blind. So I’m going to feed my body what it needs. The body needs nutrition. It needs stuff to live. -Jim Bakker

Chia seed is the most nutrient dense food on the planet that has complete nutrients for health and well-being. -Doctor Sherrill Sellman

You know there have been studies done on this seed in diabetic patients and it reduced the symptoms, it reduced most of the values, their blood sugar went down. They actually improved their energy levels. Just from eating a tablespoon of chia seed a day. -Doctor Sherrill Sellman


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    • Yes, the Complete Vitamin Shake and 9 A Day vitamins have the same ingredients. They are offered in both shake and capsule form for those who prefer to take one form over the other.

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