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Jim and Lori Bakker discuss improving ones health with Doctor Sherrill Sellman, Doctor Matt Stadnyk, and Frank Davis from Food for Health.


..and let me tell you what, we are in a baby boomer generation, and baby boomers are absolutely suffering, because really a lot of the abuse that we did on our bodies in our earlier years, it’s just part of the aging process, and we are this huge generation that needs answers. -Lori Bakker

I always say if you have hormonal balance, it’s not because hormones are out here and the rest of your body is over here. Your hormones are expressing issues that are out of balance. And it’s a bigger story. And if you want to really rejuvenate your body, you have to understand these root cause issues and correct them and bring them back into harmony and optimal functioning. And then the hormone imbalance disappears. -Doctor Sherrill Sellman

But we’ll keep functioning, let’s keep functioning. Let’s not die before we’re dead. -Jim Bakker


Lord Don’t Move the Mountain

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