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Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker welcome St. John Holloway as they discuss the new Fuel-Less Generator for Day 1 on The Pastor Jim Bakker Show.


The Fuel-Less Generator

Preparing For Perilous Times


“I am worried about two things with our partners. I am worried about the electricity, so you can communicate, and I am concerned about the northerners and the lack of heat and staying alive. -Pastor Jim Bakker


Jim and Lori Bakker have always felt passionate about the preparation for end time days. The Bible states that “the sun shall be darkened and the moon turned to blood before that great and notable day of the Lord comes.” As Christians, we can expect a time when the sun perhaps will not give forth her light. We must be ready and prepared for these times that could very well come.

During the recent outbreak of powerful storms, many have been left without gas or electricity. This can mean lack of heat or air conditioning and food can spoil among other problems. Pastor Jim ran across the fuel-less generator and calls it nothing short of a miracle. This small generator, weighting in at only 40 lbs., has the ability to run refrigerators, I pads, cell phones or any other electric devise. While it is not like a traditional generator, in the fact that you can plug the whole house into it, it will sustain several electrical devises at once. It is lightweight and portable, meaning it can be used on a campsite or anywhere someone needs instant electricity.

What makes the fuel-less generator different from other generators is it does not use any fuel. Other generators are loud and annoying, while the fuel-less models is quiet and does not make a sound. While gas powered generators let off harmful toxins into the air, this model has no fuel and is therefore considered to be green. Protecting the environment and having electricity at the same time is the perks of this system.

The fuel-less generator can easily be charged with solar power. It actually has the ability to recharge itself using any light source. The unit comes with foldable solar panels, which are perfect for transporting and taking anywhere you need to operate the unit. There are many different outlets include a cigarette charger, 2 traditional electrical outlets, USB port and other chargers. It is perfect to hook up any type of electric device. The accessories package comes with adapters, which allow any device to be easily charged. Also included in accessories pack is a cart for easy transport and an electric blanket that can easily plug into the generator. It is worth every penny and knowing that a donation will be made to the ministry for every order, makes it more worthwhile.

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    • Our first shipment of Generators have all been ordered as of yesterday. Our next shipment will not arrive until August. If you would like to pre-order a generator from this next shipment, please call our Partner Services department at 888-988-1588 or 417-779-9000. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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