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Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker discuss how to “Brighten the Corner Where You Are” on The Jim Bakker Show.


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Brighten the Corner Where You Are


“This is the beginning of the days of sorrow and it’s time to be ready.” -Pastor Jim Bakker

“The antichrist is going to cause people to sign up just to get food and water.” – Pastor Jim Bakker


Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker began the day’s program announcing the opening of the Wilderness Campground and Shower House. Joining them on stage were Jerry Jones and Master’s Media students Sasha Volz, Ariel Baker and James Chapman. In other property news, Pastor Jim shared that the expansion of the Rock of Ages Serenity Park has taken place with the addition of tables and seating available to campers and hikers.

Opponents of Lori’s House, however, succeeded in obtaining a court order to stop any further action on building the home. Calling abortion the “curse of America,” Pastor Jim reminded that his ministry came under attack in the 1970s after he showed photos of a living fetus and proclaimed it a real human life. Attackers and pro-abortion advocates wanted his show taken off of the air as a result. He described the country’s obsession as a sign that many view abortion as a “pet project,” or sacred cow.

Lori said it all comes down to the love of money and that the practice of abortion ranks as a multi-billion dollar industry. She shared her history of ministering to thousands of women who live with torment as a result of undergoing the medical procedure and said many of them were the children of ministers. With passion in her voice, she described how some Christian couples take their daughters to have abortions and then sit in church the following Sunday. Even with the obstacle they now face, Lori remains fervently committed to her plan to establish a home to save children’s lives and heal women haunted by their past actions.

Recalling the days of the Heritage Home for unwed mothers, Pastor Jim said Lori’s House has a similar mission centered around offering young women a safe place to stay and give birth without having to endure ridicule or judgment. Establishing the home, he continued, involves more than physical construction but includes assembling a team of doctors and medical professionals to run the facility and provide necessary healthcare needs.

During the show, Pastor Jim also highlighted news headlines including one from Smithsonian Magazine that reported an expert saying that the United States may already have lost the little-talked about cyber war. The Pastor explained that “cyber” includes electronic and online control of water, sewer and power infrastructure. Another news item focused on the top necessities that will disappear during a grave emergency. Generators and the gas needed to run them comprised the top items on the list, followed by clean, fresh water and toilet paper.

Making use of the article, Pastor Jim took the opportunity to emphasize the benefits of The Fuel-Less Generator available as a Love Gift to help support the ministry. Unlike traditional generators, the Fuel-Less operates silently and without need for gasoline. He made mention of the destructive tornadoes that hit the Dallas/Fort Worth area in early April and how partners of the ministry there survived but lost electrical power for a period of time. The experience served as motivation for them to move ahead with ordering The Fuel-less Generator.


Ecclesiastes 4:11 KJV Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone?

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