Nigerianische Christen in der Kirche Angriff getötet

John 16:2 Tatsächlich, es kommt die Stunde, wenn wer euch tötet, meinen wird, er bietet Dienst für Gott.

"Wir haben so das menschliche Leben in unserer Gesellschaft, dass für viele Menschen ist es eine kleine Sache, eine andere Person zu töten, ist entwertet."

-Jim Bakker in "Wohlstand und die kommende Apokalypse"

Mindestens 19 Christen wurden getötet, als Bewaffnete stürmten eine Kirche in Okene, Nigeria und eröffneten das Feuer in der Mitte des Gottesdienstes. Der Pfarrer war unter den Getöteten.

Die Terroristen verwendet Kalaschnikow-Sturmgewehre führenden Regierungsbeamten Verdacht auf militante islamistische Gruppe Boko Haram, die verantwortlich für die Morde an anderen Christen hat im nigerianischen Kirchen.

The attack was located further south than most of the Boko Haram attacks.

Lt. Bei. Gabriel Olorunyomi, joint military force commander, said the attack on Deeper Life Bible Church also wounded many others who were taken to various hospitals.

Okene was the location of an April raid by security forces on a bomb-making factory for Boko Haram. Nine Islamic militants were killed in that raid.


4 thoughts on "Nigerianische Christen in der Kirche Angriff getötet

  1. I was a missionary in Nigeria for nearly 20 years and I consider it still my second home. This kind of thing was never a part of my life there and I feel so badly for those who live under this daily threat. I would love to return for a visit but I would have to be sure it was within God’s will for me. I was last there for a teaching ministry in 2009.

  2. We pray for those families of the the lost. We also pray for christians who may not know how to apply the blood of jesus by speaking it out loud and covering the church services. God have mercy for the shooter. Joh. 3: 16.

  3. Terrorists? -Naw.

    Mass murders & serial killers is more like it!

    Das Wort “terroristischen” is just too glorified a term / name for such people. I mean they do notterrorfy” mir. Kind of like the term / name NAZI (NASI).
    At least with the NAZIs, one knew that they were simply a political party who controlled the most dominant military on earth, bei der. With the mass murders, organized mass murders, how about identifying them as simply a religious party? Or are we “ängstlich” to do so???

    “Fürchte dich nicht” & die “Wahrheit” -are such foreign to us as “Gläubigen”?

    Let’s make it easy here -Let’s simply call such people “der Feind” from now on.
    The spirit of anti-christ is the spirit of anti-freedom. And as far as I am concerned, anything of the anti-christ is of the enemy. Simple.

    Wegen Jesus,

    P.S. Here is some more possible anti-christ in action news. PRAYERS NEEDED.

    Assad Transfers Missiles to Lebanese Border
    Assad has transferred a advanced missiles to a border crossing used as a central route to transfer weapons to Hizbullah.
    By Elad Benari, Kanada
    First Publish: 8/3/2012, 10:00 PM

    Syrian President Bashar Assad
    Flash 90
    Syrian President Bashar Assad has transferred a battery of advanced missiles to the al-Masna border crossing, which is the central route used to transfer equipment and weapons to the Hizbullah terror group, Kanal 10 News reported on Friday.
    The report cited members of the Syrian opposition who said that one of two major chemical arsenals of the Syrian regime is located near that border crossing.
    This facility is located just 24 kilometers from a missile base belonging to Hizbullah, Kanal 10 noted. The secret base was first unveiled by the London Times newspaper in May of 2010.
    The distance between the weapons facility and the Lebanese border crossing is 68 Kilometer, meaning that if a war breaks out between Hizbullah and Israel, the terror group will be able to transfer the chemical weapons and missiles to Lebanese territory in a time period of between one and two hours.
    Kanal 10 further noted that Assad has deployed his anti-aircraft missiles in the village of Yabous, a ridge overlooking the al-Masna border crossing.
    The missile deployment is an apparent attempt to secure the route through which weapons are transferred between Syria and Hizbullah, in the event that Israel might attack convoys moving along the axis.
    The report comes on the same day that it was reported that Russian warships were scheduled to dock in Syria.
    Numerous international media outlets said on Friday that Russia was planning to dock three ships manned by marines to its naval base at Tartus in Syria. According to those reports, each ship has 120 Marines. The ships were said to be currently stationed in the Mediterranean. Russia was quick to deny the reports.
    Israel has expressed concerns that Assad’s chemical weapons will end up in the hands of Hizbullah if his regime falls.
    Syria has admitted it has chemical weapons and has threatened to use them if attacked by external forces.
    (Arutz Sheva’s North American Desk is keeping you updated until the start of Shabbat in New York. The time posted automatically on all Arutz Sheva articles, jedoch, is Israeli time.)

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