Los terremotos frecuentes Continuar Por Segundo Día

Lucas 21:11 Habrá grandes terremotos, hambres y pestilencias en varios lugares, y habrá terror y grandes señales del cielo.

<blockquote>"Creo que la tierra misma está gimiendo (ROM. 8:19-22) a la espera de la venida del Señor. Parte de este gemido incluye inundaciones, volcanes, maremotos, huracanes, y los terremotos ".
<p style = "text-align: derecho;">-Jim Bakker en "la prosperidad y el apocalipsis"</p>

Un aumento de los terremotos en California y Alaska continuó en su segundo día.

Alaska tenía tres terremotos golpean en poco más de un período de dos horas. La 2.7 sismo de magnitud sacudió el sur de Seward, Alaska en 10:18. En 11:43, un 4.9 sismo se registró al sureste de Whittier, Alaska con un segundo 3.0 terremoto de magnitud golpea en la misma zona sobre 50 minutos más tarde.

None of the quakes resulted in property damage.

Two quakes rocked California with the more intense a 4.3 quake that struck near Ferndale, California.

The quakes near the United States are part of a worldwide breakout along the famous Pacific Ring of Fire. Quakes in the 4.0-4.8 magnitude range have struck in China, Indonesia, Chile and Fiji. La 5.6 struck off the coast of Mexico late Wednesday night.


4 thoughts on "Los terremotos frecuentes Continuar Por Segundo Día

  1. I live in California, & I have felt the quakes here on the central coast the past few days ago. I have no doubt that more are coming soon & I know that not only is God judging the country for turning its back on Israel, but I think He is definately going to judge California for all the liberal agenda that is being passed by our liberal governor! And the entire state seems to be in cahoots with him. Christians we need to be on our faces before the Lord, in prayer for this country and this state! Pastor Jim is preaching the truth!

  2. Jim Bakker is a proven prophet even though he admits that he is a fallen prosperity preacher. He called Katrina two weeks before it hit New Orleans. He predicted the Japan earthquake/tsunami would be a 9.0 shortly before it occurred. He is currently saying that the West Coast is next.

  3. Yes I believe a major earthquake shall hit the Unites States for your support for Syria not Israeli feel anxious mid drive also something is going to happen yes.

  4. God show me about califorina alot trouble he said to me pray for californa people need born again but will be terrble but god sowed me about three or four ago . but god is right whew !!! . have a good day

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